Maureen Hilyard maureen.hilyard at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 12:09:42 UTC 2022

Today I supported the Asia Pacific IG Academy ALAC team who (1) developed
their definition and position statement on DNS Abuse and made
recommendations to ICANN to help to mitigate the risks to end users of DNS
Abuse, then (2) negotiated common ground on DNS Abuse with the GAC team and
then (3) defended their position against the GNSO team. Mary Wong had
explained the roles of the different groups yesterday so they were right
onto their role-playing today.

I have already told them that you would be quaking in your boots if you had
heard them pushing the enduser perspective with the GAC (who were very
supportive) and the GNSO. Both these groups were also true to their roles
as well.
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