[ALAC] GAC-GNSO Closed Generics Small Group

Maureen Hilyard maureen.hilyard at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 21:48:31 UTC 2022

Dear ALAC members

As you know, we have been expecting an invitation from the GAC and
the GNSO to participate in the small group which will attempt to
resolve the closed generics issue. That invitation has now arrived.

The challenge in the selection was to identify a member and alternate
for the group who are up to speed on the issue and who fully
understand the positions that the ALAC has taken on it over the last
decade (since the 2012 round of New gTLDs).

In conjunction with my Vice-Chairs and in consultation with Justine
and the immediate past ALAC Chairs, I have identified Greg Shatan as
member and Alan Greenberg as Alternate. This selection has the
support of the full ALT.

I would like the concurrence of the ALAC, so if there is any strong
opposition, please let me know and I will schedule a formal vote.

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