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Find out the latest about the ccNSO.

ccNSO Newsletter | April 2021

Meet the new ccNSO Council Chair
Interview with Alejandra Reynoso, ccNSO Council Chair

In this newsletter we are featuring an interview with ccNSO Council Chair
Alejandra Reynoso. Learn more about Alejandra, how she recommends to get
more ccTLD managers actively involved in the work of the ccNSO, and what
she sees as the challenges ahead for the country code Name Supporting

Read the interview here.

With a master's degree in computer science and technology, Alejandra joined
.gt country code top-level domain (ccTLD) in 2011, which is located in her
alma mater Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. As a researcher and
technology developer, Alejandra is responsible for all technical aspects
and information systems of the .gt registry. Her native language is
Spanish, and she is fluent in English and Portuguese. In 2011, Alejandra
began her journey at ICANN as a Fellow at ICANN41 in Singapore. She then
joined the ccNSO, was a working group member, and later a chair of the
meeting programme working group. In 2015, the Latin American and Caribbean
members elected Alejandra as a ccNSO Councillor and since ICANN64, she was
one of the two ccNSO Council Vice Chairs. During ICANN70, the ccNSO Council
appointed Alejandra as Chair.
Status update ccNSO Policy Development
(de)selection IDN ccTLD Strings

The ccPDP4 Working Group is advancing the process for the selection of
Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) ccTLD strings. The results of this
ccPDP will eventually replace the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process. The working
group has made considerable progress and intends to seek feedback and input
from the broader community during the upcoming ICANN71 Policy Forum.


Following closure of the Public Comment proceeding on the Initial Report,
the proposed policy for ccPDP3 on the retirement of country code top-level
domains will now go into the decision-making phase. First it will be
presented to the ccNSO Council for voting and then, if supported by the
ccNSO Council, to the ccNSO members. The ccTLD and broader communities will
have an opportunity to learn more about the proposals before voting begins.
Review Mechanisms

The ccPDP3-RM Working Group, which develops a review mechanism for
decisions regarding the delegation, transfer, revocation, and retirement of
ccTLDs, has presented its results to date in a community webinar
To date the working group has identified which decisions should be subject
to a review and explored the requirements for the review mechanism. In the
near future, it will take a deep-dive into the various requirements and
related topics.

On 15 April, the ccNSO organised 2 editions of a webinar on ccPDP3 and
ccPDP4. Main target audience was the broader ccTLD community and GAC. The
webinar was well attended, and provided insights on the current status for
both policy development efforts, as well as information about the
applicability of the policy to ccTLD managers and others. Consult the
recordings here
ccNSO planning for ICANN71
Links to bookmark now
ccNSO Schedule Hub

ccNSO Members Meeting, including sessions held prior to ICANN71

Tech Day

ccTLD News Sessions

There are 2 options to participate. Each of the sessions will have a 90
minute duration, and a separate agenda.

The agenda will be published around 7 May. Join us!

Read more here about the pre-ICANN71 ccTLD News Session
ccTLD Community Webinar
There are 2 options to participate: Tuesday, 8 June 2021 (5 UTC) and
Wednesday, 9 June 2021 (13 UTC).
During this 1-hour webinar, the ccNSO Council Chair will help you to gain
an understanding of the work of the ccNSO, what to expect from the ccNSO at
the Virtual ICANN70 community Forum, as well as how ccTLD community
representatives can participate in the important work that affects you and
your region.

Read more here about the pre-ICANN71 ccTLD Community Webinar!
Tech Day

Tech Day will be held as a virtual
technical workshop at ICANN71 on
Monday, 14 June 2021.

The Tech Working Group seeks presenters.

Proposals should preferably focus
on one of the following topics:
1.  DNSSEC, in particular within the EUR Region and with regards to
SHA-1 Transition
2.  DNS Abuse Prevention and Mitigation Tools
3.  Best security management practices, lines of defense, to protect the
registry from bad actors, attacks or malware.

Tech WG welcomes suggestions for
additional topics. Those interested
in presenting should contact
ccNSO-techday at icann.org
ccNSO Members Meeting

The following sessions are expected to be held as part of the upcoming
ccNSO Members Meeting:

   1. The 3rd ccNSO Governance Session, regarding the ccNSO internal rules
   2. A Question and Answer session with ccTLD-related ICANN Board members
   and others
   3. A Policy Session, with community awareness raising of voting
   regarding the ccPDP3 Retirement policy, and consultation regarding ccPDP3
   Review Mechanism and ccPDP4 on the (de)selection of IDN TLD strings.

The ccNSO Council will meet on Thursday, 17 June. Finally, a CSC/PTI update
to the community is expected to be held as well.

   - ICANN71 Policy Forum will be held as a Virtual Public Meeting during
   14-17 June 2021. Read the announcement here
   - Sessions during ICANN71 will be held during regular working hours in
   The Hague, Netherlands (CEST / UTC+2, Amsterdam/Paris).
   - Prep Week will be held 1-3 June 2021. The Prep Week schedule will be
   published on 17 May 2021. Register to participate.
   - The Policy Forum schedule
   be published on 24 May 2021.
   - Explore virtual participation tools and download the participation
   guide here

ccNSO Council highlights
Welcome to the New ccNSO Council Leadership Team!
The ICANN70 Community Forum marked a time of transition for the ccNSO
Council with the departure of five outgoing councilors, including the chair
of the ccNSO, and the arrival of five newly-appointed councilors. At
ICANN70 the 3-year term of Abdalla Omari, Young Eum Lee, Katrina Sataki,
Margarita Valdes and Byron Holland ended, whereas Hadji Mmadi Ali, Jiankang
Yao, Irina Danelia, Jenifer Lopez and Sean Copeland took their seats.
At its meeting on 25 March, the ccNSO Council appointed Alejandra Reynoso
(.gt) as Chair and Jordan Carter (.nz) and Pablo Rodriguez (.pr) as Vice
Chairs of the ccNSO Council, with ICANN70 signaling the start of the
one-year term which ends at the conclusion of ICANN73.

The ccNSO Council had its 172th meeting on 22 April 2021 | 12 UTC. All
Council meetings are open to observers. This was the first Council meeting
with the new ccNSO Council leadership team. Five new councilors, elected by
the ccNSO members from their respective regions, started their first term
as well.

Highlights from the 22 April Council meeting:

   - Clarification regarding the focus points of the Council leadership
   - Pablo Rodriguez: outreach and engagement related aspects
   - Jordan Carter: priorities and work flow
   - Alejandra Reynoso: the role of the ccNSO as Decisional Participant
   - Pablo Rodriguez was appointed as Chair of the Outreach and Involvement
   Standing Committee (OISC)
   - Overview of the roles and responsibilities for the ccNSO Council, and
   overview of the ccNSO’s external appointments. Council is expected to take
   an online decision on the proposed overviews.
   - Following the March 2021 ccNSO Council Workshop on the effectiveness
   and efficiency of the ccNSO Council, 8 actions were proposed. Councillors
   evaluated their level of impact and the expected level of effort in a
   breakout session. A decision regarding the implementation of the proposals
   is expected to be taken online.
   - Alejandra informed the ccNSO Council she will step down from the
   Customer Standing Committee (CSC). A call for volunteers will be launched
   shortly. Alejandra will continue to serve on the CSC until a replacement
   has been identified.

Council meetings are open to observers. Contact the Secretariat
<ccnsosecretariat at icann.org> for participation details. The next ccNSO
Council meeting is scheduled for 27 May 2021 (18 UTC).
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