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The Pandemic has presented a unique set of challenges to people and organizations around the world, the ICANN community among them. At first blush, the community seemed uniquely prepared for a move to virtual meetings, given our already extensive use of tools such as Zoom, Skype and email. Further, the attendance even hinted at the possibility of more inclusive discourse and decision making and talk of a hybrid model for meetings became common.

Of course, the reality has been somewhat different. We are reminded of the extent to which we previously postponed discussions until face to face meetings because of their greater pructivity and, frankly, greater civility. Timezones and fatigue contribute to a less than ideal environment for consensus building.. Finally,  virtual meetings lack the sense of "event" that face to face meetings enjoyed. Gone is the sense of milestones that previously existed.

While much of this is beyond our control,  technology has a role to play in making the most of our "virtual reality."  There are tools for improved discussion and decision-making such as Slack and Loomio. There are much improved tools for machine translation and greater linguistic inclusion. There are tools for improved virtual outreach. Finally there's an even greater role for ICANN Learn.

The ALAC applauds the hiring of Melissa Allgood and the development of resources devoted to improved cooperation and decision-making within the community but we believe the situation demands more. The best use of the savings, realized by going virtual, is further investment in these resources and tools. Expediting the rollout of ITI (setting clear expectations and meeting them), incorporation of modern tools for offline  threaded discussions and consensus building and expansion of ICANN Learn and further investment is machine translation

Jonathan Zuck
Executive Director
Innovators Network Foundation

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A question for the Board for the ALAC- Board interaction ICANN69...

.... a single topic instead of the traditional three that we usually never got through.

Something deep and meaningful...any ideas?


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               Dear Constituency and Stakeholder Groups Chairs,

Please reply no later than Monday 5 October 2020

While 2020 has proven challenging and likely very different from what we were all expecting when we last saw each other, almost a year ago in Montreal, the Board and I keep being impressed and grateful for your continued dedication to ICANN’s mission.

The Board still values its dialogue with your Groups and is very much looking forward to engaging with you during our 22nd and first ever virtual AGM that will take place between 13-22 October 2020.

As you keep working on the format for ICANN69, we would like to start preparing for the Community Dialogue with the Board.

As per what we did in Montreal and virtually for ICANN67, instead of sending up to three questions to the Board, we would like to offer you the alternative option of choosing a single topic and having an open discussion with the Board on that topic.

We will also publish the list of questions or topics received with the entire Community using the Policy digest as it was a successful tool for improving transparency and allow the groups to deepen their own understanding of their peers’ point of views on different issues.

As for time allocation, per what we did previously, we propose to allocate half of our time together to answer your questions or discuss your single topic and the other half to address the Board’s topic.

In preparation for our meetings, the Board has chosen the following topic to have an open discussion with you:

  *   Enhancing the effectiveness of the Multistakeholder model: key issues and opportunities for acceleration. In your preparation you may want to consider the results of the most recent public consultation, and work that has progressed with dependencies to enhancing the effectiveness of the MSM (such as the ATRT3 report and work on prioritization and budgeting).

We would be very grateful if you could send to Board Operations (board-ops-team at icann.org)<mailto:board-ops-team at icann.org)>  your single topic or the  list of questions, in order of priority, no later than Monday 5 October 2020 or sooner.

For information,  we are not changing the current total time allotted per group.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, questions or topics of interest and to exchange with you constructively and virtually.

Best regards,

Maarten Botterman

Chair, ICANN Board of Directors

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