[ALAC] Fwd: [soac-chairs] Draft Operational Design Phase for gTLD Policy Implementation: For Initial Feedback.

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Attached is a document that details Org's draft Operational
Design Phase for gTLD policy implementation. It was raised at our last
SOAC Leadership Team meeting and is ready for some feedback.


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Date: Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 12:19 PM
Subject: [soac-chairs] Draft Operational Design Phase for gTLD Policy
Implementation: For Initial Feedback.
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Cassia Oliveira on behalf of Goran Marby

Dear SOAC leaders,

Thank you again for taking the time to meet with Maarten and me last week.
I am writing to follow up on one of ICANN org’s action items from that
call, which was for me to finalize and circulate to you a proposal for a
new Operational Design Phase relating to the implementation of approved
gTLD policies. As we discussed, the objective for an additional design
phase is to allow the Board to obtain relevant information about any
operational and resourcing issues associated with certain policy
implementation efforts. Accordingly, the Operational Design Phase is
envisioned to take place prior to Board action on GNSO-approved policy
recommendations, initiated through a Board request to ICANN org. Our
expectation is that an Operational Design Phase will likely only be needed
for complex, costly or other large-scale implementation efforts.

I appreciate the thoughtful and substantive discussion we had on this topic
during our call. While gTLD policy development work is managed by the GNSO,
the other Supporting Organizations and the Advisory Committees play
important roles in ensuring that ICANN consensus policies are developed
through community consensus and are appropriately resourced. Thank you for
the comments and suggestions you made on the call, which we have tried to
address as much as possible in this initial draft paper.

Please circulate the paper to your community groups for their review and
further discussion. As I mentioned on our call, ICANN org will continue to
refine the paper and welcome your feedback as part of this iterative
process. After ICANN69, we plan to conduct a fuller community consultation
on the gTLD policy lifecycle, to include an updated version of this paper
and to gather community feedback on any updates we can make to improve the
efficacy and efficiency of the policy making process.

Best regards,

Göran  Marby
President & CEO ICANN
+1(310) 578 8690

Cássia Oliveira
Sr. Manager, Office of the President & CEO
cassia.oliveira at icann.org
+1(310) 578 8656

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