[ALAC] [ALT-Plus] ALS Mobilization WP Final Report

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Sun Nov 22 15:00:27 UTC 2020

ICANN Legal has come back with a number of issues 
related to the Bylaws, including this one. Can we 
please put this issue on hold until the next version is issued?


At 2020-11-22 06:17 AM, Maureen Hilyard wrote:
>Dear Tijani
>Thank for first bringing this matter to our 
>attention. It is an issue that Alan raised as 
>one that should be dealt with before the report is accepted.
>The two alternatives that I had originally been 
>given as replacements for "oversee" were "advocate for" and "represent" ...
>But I see that your recommendations also include 
>"represents the interests of" and "is the voice of".
>  I will ask staff create a poll for the ALAC to 
> pose the alternatives to be considered for 
> their selection. Thank you again for your suggestions.
>On Sun, 22 Nov 2020, 1:05 am Tijani BEN JEMAA, 
><<mailto:tijani.benjemaa at topnet.tn>tijani.benjemaa at topnet.tn> wrote:
>Dear Maureen and all,
>I would like to thank the ALS Mobilization 
>Working Party for their work and for the quality of their final report.
>I have a concern with the proposal for Bylaws 
>change to replace "The At-Large Advisory 
>Committee ("At-Large Advisory Committee" or 
>"ALAC") is the primary organizational home 
>within ICANN for individual Internet users » by 
>""The At-Large Advisory Committee ("At-Large 
>Advisory Committee" or "ALAC") oversees the 
>At-Large Community which is the primary 
>organizational home within ICANN for individual Internet users. »
>The ALAC doesn't oversee the At-Large Community. 
>2/3 of its members are appointed by this 
>community (RALOs),  I propose to modify this 
>bylaws change proposal by the following: "The 
>At-Large Advisory Committee ("At-Large Advisory 
>Committee" or "ALAC") is the voice of the 
>At-Large Community which is the primary 
>organizational home within ICANN for individual 
>Internet users. » or "The At-Large Advisory 
>Committee ("At-Large Advisory Committee" or 
>"ALAC") represents the interests of the At-Large 
>Community which is the primary organizational 
>home within ICANN for individual Internet users. »
>The term « oversees » is not appropriate. It 
>is as if you say the GNSO council oversees the 
>NCSG or NCUC or NPOC or the BC or the IPC or the 
<. communities. Any term that have the 
>meaning of control or domination of the At-Large 
>Community by ALAC  wouldn’t be acceptable. 
>Otherwise, I can live with any other word.
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