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Thank you for that very newsy and informative report, Barrack (Is it online


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> Dear Colleagues,
> I would like to share a brief update from the ccNSO. There has been
> limited activity since we left Barcelona but there is some news
> nonetheless
> Whats New?
> ccPDP Working Group Meeting
> The working group held its meeting on 15th November 2018 at 17:00 UTC.
> The meeting was a followup on the face to face deliberations held in
> Barcelona which included a mind maps exercise. Some of the scenarios
> that were tested included:
> 1. Time required by a ccTLD to complete the retirement process. Some
> groups were for shorter period of times for example 2 to five years.
> Those who supported the shorter time period argued that it would
> provide necessary pressure to the ccTLD Manager to complete the
> process. Other groups proposed 10 years. The argument was it would
> allow registries and registrants to make the necessary transition
> without pressure. The next meeting will be on 29 November 2018.
> 2. What would happen to codes that had been retired in the event that
> a country reverted to its old name for example Democratic Republic of
> Congo (.CD) Reverts to Zaire (.ZR)
> Study Group on use of Emoji as TLDs
> The Study Group will release its final report in KOBE. Some ccNSO
> Councillors felt that there is need for a deeper understanding on the
> potential value of emoji as TLDs and that the current scenario in
> which use of emoji is viewed from a negative standpoint because of the
> confusing similarity that might affect end users should be changed.
> ccNSO Council Meeting
> The ccNSO November meeting was cancelled since it fell on the last day
> of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum that took place last
> week. Since most Councillors were actively participating in the IGF, a
> decision was made to merge the meeting with the December meeting which
> will be held on 6th December 2018
> New ccNSO Members
> Since the ICANN meeting in Barcelona three new members have joined the
> ccNSO.
> .TD (Chad)
> .li (Liechtenstein)
> .CH (Switzerland
> This brings the total number of ccNSO Members to 171
> Election Notice: ccNSO Council , European Region
> The elections for the position of ccNSO Council Member - European
> Region started on Thursday 8 November 2017 (00:01 UTC) and will close
> on Thursday , 22 November (23:59 UTC). Two candidates Marta Moreira
> Dias (.PT) and Nick Wenban-Smith (.UK) from the European Region were
> nominated, seconded and have accepted their nomination.
> There will be no elections in the Africa Region. Adebiyi Oladipo from
> .NG (Nigeria) was the sole nominee and will replace Engineer Abibu
> Ntahigiye from .TZ (Tanzania) in Kobe.
> For detailed summaries of the sessions and recordings kindly visit the
> ccNSO - ALAC Liaison wiki page.
> Stay tuned.
> Regards
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