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Hi, Olivier,

Regarding "public interest", I recently wrote an article defining it in Economics (attached).  (I published its academic version over 10 years ago.)

Hope this could be of some help.


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  Dear Alan,

  On 08/05/2018 07:30, Alan Greenberg wrote:

    - Regarding the "open Internet" issue. I strongly support it staying. We will still need to consider the ICANN mission, but if we restrict things too much, we will end up doing ONLY things that ICANN itself could or should be doing and we will have lost a HUGE opportunity to do really good things with what is likely to be close to 1/4 of a billion dollars. If we end up wasting that, it would be a pity.

  I support the "open Internet" but the problem I have is that there are calls to define what the "open Internet" is. It just smells like another debate to define what "the public interest" is.
  Kindest regards,



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