[ALAC] KSK Rollover on today's ALAC Agenda

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Tue Mar 27 19:16:06 UTC 2018

Here is my last try at summarizing things.

What is wrong or missing?


What I am hearing (extrapolated) is:
    * Our community understands the need to roll the KSK but is 
divided on which path to follow at this point.
    * We want an intense awareness campaign including targetting 
ISPs, Telcos, Major industries. Use RIRs where they can identify 
potential DNS providers.
    * Information packet we can send to our community (ALSes, 
Individual Members) to get them to prompt their local ISPs or others 
and which can be similarly used by other constituencies within ICANN.
    * A holistic review of the situation (including a risk assessment 
of alternatives) in time for further discussion at ICANN62, including 
the then current state of whatever data is available and forecast of 
Sentinal availability.
    * We would like to better understand under what conditions a 
rollover date change is possible to avoid doing it at the end of a week.
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