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That's horrible. I worked with Stephane on a few articles, this is sad.


On 3/27/18 1:03 PM, Evan Leibovitch wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am informed that Stephane died last weekend in a traffic accident.
> Stephane had been active in the GNSO and Nominating Committee and is 
> was Chair of the GNSO during my time as ALAC Vice-Chair.
> While we didn't agree on everything, Stephane was one of the few 
> members of the domain industry who had both the interest and capacity 
> to work towards broad consensus. His presence at ICANN will be clearly 
> missed.
> I have been aware of growing interest in the GNSO to support 
> Stephane's posthumous nomination for the ICANN ethos award. I would 
> support this.​
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