[ALAC] URGENT: ICANN Fellowship Program Community Consultation

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Tue Mar 20 20:02:47 UTC 2018

A review of the Fellowship Program was announced on 31 January 2018. 
For no obvious reason, it seems to have not been acted on by me, 
Staff, RALO leaders and perhaps ALAC Vice-Chairs (not sure if they 
are on the list as they should be).

The formal deadline is 30 March, but we have been granted a one week 
extension. A Wiki page will be created shortly. If you value the 
Fellowship Program, please contribute. Comments should include both 
what the program has (in your mind), done well and less well.


At 31/01/2018 12:15 PM, David Olive wrote:

>Dear Community Leaders:
>We're launching a community-wide consultation on the Fellowship 
>Program to help inform its future direction.
>The attached paper provides an overview of the program, including a 
>breakdown of the data available on the Fellows, a questionnaire, and 
>other details about the consultation process.
>We anticipate that there will be interest in further discussing this 
>process and our team will be available to speak with community 
>groups about the current Fellowship Program and the questionnaire at 
>ICANN61 or remotely. Questions about the program and responses to 
>the questionnaire should be sent to 
><mailto:fellowshipconsultation at icann.org>fellowshipconsultation at icann.org 
>by 30 March 2018.
>Grateful if you could share this information so that each community 
>group is aware of and has the opportunity to participate in the consultation.
>Ergys Ramaj
>Sr. Director, Public Responsibility Support, ICANN
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