[ALAC] Meeting PTI's CSC in Abu Dhabi

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Fri Sep 15 04:34:38 UTC 2017

Hi Mohamed,

My apologies for not getting back. I have just 
been up to my ears with the At-Large Review and a 
bunch of other things that all have close deadlines.

I suspect that is the best outcome. I cannot see 
our entire group being interested in this, so we 
will so a straw poll and try to ensure that 
whatever we schedule for that session will allow 
those interested in the CSC to get to the 
public  meeting (which may include me if I can skip the ALAC session).

Thanks for looking after this.


At 14/09/2017 12:08 PM, Mohamed El Bashir wrote:

>Hi Alan,
>Following up my below email.
>As I did not heard back from ALAC, I presume 
>ALAC is not interested to have a dedicated 
>ALAC/PTI CSC session and the CSC public session is sufficient for ALAC.
>Kind Regards,
>>On Sep 6, 2017, at 1:48 PM, Mohamed El Bashir 
>><<mailto:mbashir at mbash.net>mbashir at mbash.net> wrote:
>>Dear Alan, ALAC
>>Would ALAC be interested to meet with the 
>>Public Technical Identifiers “PTI” 
>>Customers Standing Committee “CSC” in Abu Dhabi?
>>Please also be informed that the CSC will 
>>conduct a public session on Sunday, 29 October, block 3 (13:30-15:00).
>>Kind Regards,
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