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I”m not volunteering for this job - too much on my plate at the moment.  But my first question is to Alan.  Your statement includes the comment that some of the appointees by the NomCom have been a disappointment.  My question is how - not putting in the hours, not being able to contribute to policy discussions, not representing their regional areas????  And maybe also look at who do you (and others) consider as a success story - and why.  Then come up with a list of essentials:  knowledge of the DNS, ability to work in the English language, ability to put in the time - whatever. And we also need to recognise that our strength comes from the fact that, amongst our team, we have people with different skill sets - a strength, not a weakness.  

The current criteria in the document includes a lot of qualities/skills.  We should be asking ourselves which are the most important - to guide in selecting the three people?  Looking at the listed criteria below, I think we are looking for someone with knowledge/experience in
involvement in policy
consumer/public interest advocacy
knowledge/experience in local/regional issues
And critically:
a willingness to serve as a volunteer, without compensation other than the reimbursement of certain expenses
an ability to work and communicate effectively in English (although there is no requirement that English be the candidate's first language)
Just my two cents - but whatever the small group decides - it will be really helpful to any selection committee to be very clear about what are the really important skills/experience/ability  being sought (and the current list doesn’t do that)


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> I have received nothing so far in reply to this message. I will be reaching
> out to a few people to help me adjust these documents, but all input is
> welcome to try to ensure that applicants know what they are getting
> themselves into.
> The deadline is the start of next week.
> Alan
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>> Subject: NomCom selection of ALAC Members
>> The NomCom selects five ALAC members and over the years, some have done 
>> well and others not.
>> The documentation used in the last year is attached. I am asking 
>> whether there is still time to revise it for the coming year. I suspect 
>> that if the answer is yes, time will be tight.
>> I am interested in putting together a very small drafting team to 
>> consider such revisions.
>> Alan
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