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Congratulations to the selected members!



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FYI. Alan

>To: reviews at icann.org
>From: Alan Greenberg <alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca>
>Subject: Re: INPUT - ATRT3 applications
>I am pleased to report that the ALAC has
>endorsed four of the ATRT3 volunteers.
>For its three members allowed under the ICANN
>Bylaws, the ALAC has endorsed (in surname alphabetic order):
>- Sébastien Bachollet (EU)
>- Cheryl Langdon-Orr (AP)
>- Daniel Nanghaka (AF)
>The ALAC has also endorsed Vanda Scartezini
>(LAC) as its fourth candidate should the SO/AC
>Chairs decide to include more than three members per SO/AC.
>Alan Greenberg
>Chair, ALAC

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