[ALAC] Review of WG Web and Wiki pages

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Sun Aug 27 03:02:58 UTC 2017

As I mentioned during the last ALAC meeting while discussing the 
At-Large Review Recommendation 7 on the Working Groups, I have asked 
our support staff to begin a review of all of the web and wiki pages 
associated with WGs, SCs, etc. with an aim to:

- updating (and if appropriate correcting) the information;
- using standardized formats where appropriate;
- making it clearer to those looking at the pages what the groups do 
and which groups are open for membership.

Evin Erdogdu has been asked to do this work, overseen by Heidi and me.

As a result, over the coming weeks, you can expect to see these pages 
updated, and if you are leading any of these groups, you may be 
contacted by Evin to answer questions she has or provide information 
needed to improve our online presence. Please give Evin your full cooperation.

We will from time to time provide updates on how the work is progressing.


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