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Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
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Hi Judith, Sorry I didn't reply. I had missed 
this message until Ariel pointed it out to me today.

Since the motion is already formulated (and the 
vote is to begin today), let's leave it to the 
next batch, but not delay in getting them going.

For the record, my reply would have been the same 
(other than the reference to "today") if I had replied immediately.


At 08/08/2017 11:06 AM, Judith Hellerstein wrote:

>Is it too late to add one additional ALS to this 
>list?  America at Large has been on non-active 
>status for one year. Its one year period ends on 
>August 12, 2017 and this is documented on the 
>ALS decertification page. 
>Is it possible to add this to the list or should 
>we wait until the next time.  In NARALO we have 
>2 more ALSes, Open Media and VIBUG which after 
>August 24 and September 7 respectively will have 
>exceeded their one year waiting period and are 
>set for decertification. These are also well 
>documented by staff and are on the 
>decertification page 
>What is the procedure for these ALSes.
>Thank you
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>On 8/8/2017 10:34 AM, Alan Greenberg wrote:
>>There are four ALS decertifications that have 
>>been pending for quite some time.
>>The motion to formalize the decertifications is below.
>>The decertifications will be carried out in a 
>>single vote unless there is a request for any 
>>of them to be done individually (allowing a 
>>different vote from the rest). Decertifications 
>>are normally carried out with a open vote, but 
>>a non-public ballot may be used if requested by 
>>any ALAC Member. If a non-public ballot is 
>>used, how ALAC Members vote is not publicly 
>>displayed but is still visible to the Chair and 
>>staff to allow a rationale to be determined for 
>>the decertification in the case of an appeal.
>>Request to split the vote or use a non-public 
>>vote may be made on this list or privately to 
>>me and staff. Any such requests must be 
>>received no later than 23:59 UTC on Friday 11 
>>August 2017. The vote or votes will begin soon thereafter.
>>>Whereas the ALAC Rules of Procedures and the 
>>>associated Adjunct Document 04 – At-Large 
>>>Structure Framework allows the ALAC to decertify an At-Large Structure (ALS);
>>>Whereas, as documented at 
>>>, ISOC Luxembourg A.S.B.L. either no longer 
>>>exists or no longer satisfies the requirements 
>>>to be an ALS as identified in the At-Large 
>>>Structure Framework, and/or the ALS 
>>>requirements as outlined in the RALO’s rules;
>>>Whereas, as documented at 
>>>Asociación Costarricense de Derecho 
>>>Informático either no longer exists or no 
>>>longer satisfies the requirements to be an ALS 
>>>as identified in the At-Large Structure 
>>>Framework, and/or the ALS requirements as outlined in the RALO’s rules;
>>>Whereas, as documented at 
>>>, N-CAP either no longer exists or no longer 
>>>satisfies the requirements to be an ALS as 
>>>identified in the At-Large Structure 
>>>Framework, and/or the ALS requirements as 
>>>outlined in the RALO’s rules; the ALS has 
>>>also informed the ALAC that it no longer desires to be an ALS;
>>>Whereas, as documented at 
>>>, Association for Community Networking (AFCN) 
>>>either no longer exists or no longer satisfies 
>>>the requirements to be an ALS as identified in 
>>>the At-Large Structure Framework, and/or the 
>>>ALS requirements as outlined in the RALO’s rules;
>>>It is resolved that the ALAC decertifies the 
>>>following organizations as ICANN At-Large 
>>>Structures: ISOC Luxembourg A.S.B.L., 
>>>Asociación Costarricense de Derecho 
>>>Informático, N-CAP, and Association for Community Networking (AFCN).
>>>Such decertification is subject ICANN Board 
>>>Reconsideration as per Article IV, Section 2 
>>>of the ICANN Bylaws and is done without 
>>>prejudice to any future re-application of this 
>>>organization for certification as an ALS, or 
>>>the application for ALS certification of any other group bearing the same name.
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