[ALAC] 2017-2018 ALAC Leadership Team

Lianna Galstyan lianna at magic.am
Fri Aug 11 07:23:26 UTC 2017

My warm congratulations to the new leadership team!


On 10/08/2017 21:48, Alan Greenberg wrote:
> Nominations for the 2017-2018 ALT closed on 08 August 2017. Four 
> nominations had been received, one per region:
> AFRALO: Seun Ojedeji
> APRALO: Maureen Hilyard
> EURALO: Bastiaan Goslings
> LACRALO: Bartlett Morgan
> All four have accepted the nomination. In accordance with our RoP 
> 16.3: *"If, following the close of the acceptance period or after all 
> nominations have been accepted, there is only one candidate for a 
> given position, or if as the process continues one or more candidates 
> withdraw leaving only one remaining candidate, the sole candidate will 
> be declared the winner by acclamation without the need for a decision 
> of the ALAC."*, all four are declared to have been appointed by 
> acclamation to the serve on the 2017-2018 ALT.
> There were no explicit nominations for Vice-Chair. As specified in the 
> Call for Nominations, in such a case, the incoming Chair may select 
> the Vice-Chairs. I have asked Maureen and Bastiaan to serve in this 
> capacity and they have both accepted.
> I thank Sean, Maureen, Bastiaan and Bartlett for agreeing to serve the 
> ALAC and At-Large in this way. I am delighted with this team, and look 
> forward to working with them.
> Alan
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