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Congratulations for all leaders !! 

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Subject: [ALAC] Fwd: Chapters AC Steering Committee 2017 - results of elections 

Happy to share the below result announcements. 
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Subject: Chapters AC Steering Committee 2017 - results of elections 
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Dear colleagues, 

As you may know we closed the polls last Friday. We had 9 positions to fill, one for each region and 3 non geographical. 

The first person of each region with the most votes is identified as the ‘regional representative’ and the ‘non geographical representatives’ are the 3 delegates with the most votes. 

It is my pleasure to announce the elected representatives to the Chapters AC Steering Committee. 

The results are: 

Olivier Crepin-Leblond – Europe 

Eduardo Diaz – LAC 

Avri Doria – NA 

Jahangir Hossain – APAC 

Ali Almeshal - ME 

Janvier Ngnoulaye – Africa 

And the three non-geographical: 

Richard Hill 

Beatriz Rodriguez 

Ram Mohan 

>From my end, congratulations to the incoming Steering Committee, and please let me also thank everyone who was nominated and who committed to the success of the Chapters AC. 

I hope that even if you were not elected to the Steering Committee 2017, that you will stay actively involved and I’m looking forward to your valuable contributions as Chapter Delegates and in the Working Groups. 

I also want to take the opportunity to thank John More (here in copy) who as Nominations and Elections Chair, ensured a smooth election process. 

Thank you all very much for your commitment and talk soon. 



Joyce Dogniez, CMM 

Senior Director Global Engagement 

Internet Society 

dogniez at isoc.org 

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