[ALAC] Document for discussion during Friday's ALS Expectations session

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Dear Alan, all,

I wholeheartedly agree that  the  200+ strong ALS network could and should be used more for disseminating information about ICANN in their countries and regions.   This ties in nicely with what I have understood to be Göran's focus on a more understandable grassroots communication of ICANN's new narrative.

However, I would like to suggest that the original idea of having ALS's to contribute to the At Large advice development process, in spite of disappointments, would  be kept alive and not seen as a dead end, to be replaced with the new communication/information orientation.  I see the two as parallel and mutually reinforcing efforts. As you say, the new role of ALS's may make them more knowledgeable and help to fullfill the original target (ALS input into the advice processes.)

EURALO is right now engaged in mapping the expertise at its member ALS's (according to recommendation #28 of ATLAS II) and identifying potential subject matter experts, who could contribute drafting ALAC advice,

as well as encouraging their participation in  multi-stakeholder processes at national level. Each of the 38 ALS has been contacted individually, and the response rate has been encouraging. A compilation of their answers is being prepared, and EURALO leaders will be able to give more information about the project at  appropriate At Large meetings in Hyderabad.



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Dear Alan, many thanks for sharing this important analyses.

As I am not attending Hyderabad meeting, due to a commitment made long ago to Council of Europe for the upcoming World Forum for Democracy, here are my few immediate reflections, in addition to the ones you have shared:

People engage/participate and get involved for a number of reasons:

-          Personal/professional ambitions and motivations/aspirations or a commitment to a certain agenda;

-          Organizational related objectives – promoting the institution one is part of, bringing the organization to a different development stage, among others;

-          Good knowledge of the issues being addressed and expertise that allows for a constructive engagement;
In line with the above, might be worth mapping and understanding what ‘brings’ ALSs and formal ALS representative to the ICANN ecosystem in the first place, what are the driving elements behind.

On the other hand, we may also want to consider having some quantitative and qualitative indicators in place, that would allow measuring the engagement along with the quality of engagement and understand what is the kind of transformational changes that need to occur at the ALS, RALO, ALAC or ICANN level in order to deepen and broaden the engagement of ALSs in long run.

For this to happen, I envisage that a data collection mechanism might help track progress, and it can be also a scorecard with an operational layer (where data for specific indicators are collected), and a dashboard that allows to see in real time where things go into the ‘wrong’ direction and allow for a rapid response mechanism in place/or intervene and re-dress the situation before it is too late.

Wishing you all a productive week ahead,
Veronica Cretu

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Over the last months I have done a lot of thinking and talking about how to make ALSes effective - specifically to set reasonable expectations that will allow At-Large and its ALSes to be critical and useful parts of the ICANN ecosystem.

Please find attached an analysis of where I think we are today, why we are here, and how we should move forward.

I believe that we need a realistic plan and we should not just wait for the independent review to tell us what to do.

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