[ALAC] Explanation of RoP Director voting alternatives

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Hi, Tijani,

The awswer to your question: Basically, yes.  That is, when ALAC faces a tie during the selection of its Board Director, or other positions generally in principle, the ALT will be delegated to make the selection on behalf of ALAC.

The justification of this includes:

- When there is a tie, all the tied candidates are equal representations of ALAC.

- The ALT is democratically elected with full representation of all regions, cultures and, presumably, various interests.

- ALT members are elected due to their experience and contribution to ICANN's mission, who should also be most capable to make the best selection among candidates.

- As the ALT will be making the selection on behalf of all of ALAC, the process should be open to all ALAC voting members (not beyond).  Thus, the selection made by each ALT member in this process will affect the support he/she receives during later elections of the ALT.  This will in turn put a "lid" on any possible blackbox deals which will be the safeguard for our democratic principle.

- We at ALAC are merely representatives of ALSes, or of the end-users in the world (maybe to a lesser extent regarding NomCom selectees like me).  Thus, as they elected and delegated us to make selections on their behalf, it would also make sense to extend the same principle to the ALT in the case we cannot effectively make a selection.

Furthermore, as Alan pointed out, it is possible, even likely, that tied-candidates be ALT members themselves, and even the chairperson him/herself.  So be it.  I don't think anywhere in the world's elections prohibit a person to vote for him/herself.  Based on the above same arguments, he/she has received enough support for the position during the "general" election process, and is thus well deserved.  Thus, he/she moving to the Board will vacate the ALT position, maybe even the chairperson position, for new blood.  Also, as he/she gets the position as desired, I am sure that he/she will work even harder to contribute to ICANN's mission.

Of course, before ALT selects on behalf of the whole ALAC, how many rounds of tie-breaking need to take place is up to debate.  As I am not familiar to the current process, I am sure that, with so much wisdom in ALAC, a process to bridge the gap between the current process and the future one could be designed.  However, again as Arrow's Nobel-prized Theorem has proven, especially as the Board Member selection process has been a "long and painful" one so far, a certain degree of "dictatorship" ("democracy-based dictatorship" to be exact) has to be there as a last resort.

Thank you, and thank you all.

Best regards,

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  Dear Kaili,

  Do you propose that in the selection of the Board Director selected by At-Large, when we face a tie, we delegate the ALT to decide which one should be dropped????

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    Le 16 juin 2016 à 12:00, Kan Kaili <kankaili at gmail.com> a écrit :


    I have followed this discussion with interest but also confussion.  It seems to me that different options have different pros, cons and possible outcomes.

    As a matter of fact, this reminds me of Arrow's Impossibility Theorem, basically saying that democracy can only go so far, and may not necessarily lead to a fair outcome acceptable by everybody.  In that case, some degree of "dictatorship" is warranted.  This is why republics are established, as well as why the presidential race between Bush and Gore was finally decided by the Supreme Court.

    Thus, in our case, when a tie has appeared, I suggest to delegate ALT to decide who will represent ALAC at the position.  After all, the ALT is elected by all of us thru a fully democratic process.  Good enough.  In the case that even the ALT cannot decide, the chairperson of ALAC will make the final decision.

    I believe this process is highly executable, and is also fully democratic to its limit.

    Being the most junior member of ALAC, just expressing some of my thoughts for your consideration.

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