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HI Alan,

Thanks for your note. These are great suggestions and one I fully support as 
they were the two people I had suggested.  So glad to hear that they will be 
funded to come to Helsinki


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On 4/20/2016 4:00 PM, Alan Greenberg wrote:
> As you may know, the ALAC is currently funded for 27 travel slots to ICANN 
> meetings: 15 ALAC Members, 10 Regional Leaders, and the Liaisons to the GNSO 
> and ccNSO. We are not currently funded for the Liaison to the SSAC, but 
> generally SSAC has provided support for that. Currently the two Liaisons to 
> the GNSO and ccNSO (Olivier and Maureen) are funded due to their roles as 
> EURALO Chair and APRALO ALAC Member, and we have not been allowed to 
> reallocate the Liaison funding for other purposes.
> In our FY17 Community Budget Requests, we requested permission to used these 
> slots for other purposes in support of the ALAC mission, and particularly to 
> bring people to an ICANN meeting where their presence will be of particular 
> merit. Although the formal FY17 process is ongoing, we have been allowed to 
> use the two travel slots for the last meeting of FY16.
> I requested and received a number of suggestions from the ALAC and Regional 
> Leaders as to how these slots might best be used. There is a long-standing 
> process by which unused travel slots within a region are allocated by regional 
> leadership, and we are doing an equivalent process with these At-Large-wide 
> slots. In consultation and with the unanimous support of the ALT, I am 
> announcing that the additional travellers to the ICANN55 meeting in Helsinki 
> will be Dev Anand Teelucksingh and Daniel Nanghaka.
> Dev is a (among other things) key participant (and chair of some cases) of the 
> Outreach & Engagement (O&E) SC, the Technology Taskforce and the CROPP-RT.
> Daniel is (among other things) active in the O&E SC, the CROPP-RT and the GNSO 
> PDP on Next-Generation gTLD Registration Directory Services (RDS) to Replace 
> Whois.
> Cheryl Langdon-Orr, who was suggested by a number of people, will be at the 
> meeting but funded through a different source.
> Alan
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