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This one is much better for my understanding of what has happened:



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> TLDRegistrar to .Google Domain Name
> Congrats Jordyn!
> http://www.circleid.com/posts/20160404_google_switches_tld_registrar_to_dot_google_domain/
> One We've Been Waiting For: Google Switches TLD Registrar to .Google
> Domain Name[image: Tony Kirsch]
> If you've read my posts before you'll be well aware that as a strong
> advocate for .brands and the power they have to revolutionise digital
> marketing effectiveness, I am always eager to share some love with
> organisations that have taken the leap and launched their .brand TLDs.
> In recent months we've seen diverse and exciting examples from BMW
> <http://www.circleid.com/posts/20160322_new_bmw_site_aligns_bmw_tld_with_the_companys_future/>,
> the Australian Football League
> <http://www.circleid.com/posts/20160308_australian_football_league_kicks_off_sporting_code_dot_brands/>
> and CERN
> <http://www.circleid.com/posts/20160111_birthplace_of_the_world_wide_web_cern_launches_homecern/>
> — just to name a notable few.
> I have the privilege of advising some of the world's largest companies on
> their .brand strategy, but one recurring question I hear is "When will we
> see .google and how will they use it?"
> Google Domains permanently moved to the .brand domain name *www.domains.google
> <http://www.domains.google>*Last week, a significant instalment in that
> answer became apparent when Google Small Business announced on Twitter
> <https://twitter.com/GoogleSmallBiz/status/714848094488174593> and Google+
> <https://plus.google.com/+GoogleBusiness/posts/T4Q15iwAfK3> that Google
> Domains had permanently moved to the .brand domain name
> *www.domains.google* <https://www.domains.google> as its primary digital
> location.
> This relatively new business stream is Google's attempt to take on
> companies like GoDaddy and Web.com <http://web.com> in providing domain
> names, websites and associated services to SMEs and is a slick offering
> that blends in a range of other Google services.
> It is however not the first time they've used their .google extension, but
> is certainly the most prominent.
> We know Google has registered a small number of other domains under its
> .brand TLD, including the humorous 'www.com.google' which was used for an April
> Fools' Day prank
> <http://domainincite.com/18284-google-launches-com-google> last year
> where the page appeared in reverse as if the visitor was 'inside' the
> search engine looking out at the user. Note — that feature is no longer
> active and users typing in that address now are redirected to the standard
> search homepage.
> Additionally, Google launched www.registry.google as its Top-Level Domain
> information hub several months ago, but by its nature this site is unlikely
> to reach many beyond our industry. Its domain name Registrar however will
> receive significantly higher levels of traffic given its consumer focus,
> particularly when availability is opened beyond the US.
> Other domains created but not yet resolving include 'www.nest.google',
> clearly referring to Alphabet subsidiary and home automation producer Nest
> <https://nest.com/>.
> The search giant has made a conscious decision about its .brand TLD here;
> deciding to publically launch and promote www.domains.google despite also
> owning www.google.domains. It is a great sign of things to come with many
> commenters already expressing interest in the likelihood of seeing
> www.maps.google, www.drive.google and the like in the future.
> From an alternate perspective, visitors to the domain design.google will
> find themselves redirected to domains.google.com
> <https://design.google.com/> which is the traditional web address for
> Google Design.
> Google has ticked all the best practice boxes in the transition, with the
> redirection of previous domain names to new addresses and selection of a
> familiar, intuitive naming structure for key activities such as the Google
> Domains initiatives. The launch of www.domains.google indicates a
> strategy forming around simple, utility-based domain names under its
> .google TLD, which reflect pre-existing third-level structures with the
> .com extension 'dropped' off the end. For example, www.domains.google was
> previously located at domains.google.com, which now redirects.
> Finally, the elephant in the room with this domain transition is the
> search factor. With Google dictating the world of search as its most
> dominant player and many of the domain name industry continually looking
> for updates on its treatment of new TLDs, the performance of .google and
> Google Registry's other TLDs will be an interesting case to watch.
> *By Tony Kirsch <http://www.circleid.com/members/3513/>, Head of
> Professional Services at Neustar*
> *Related topics:* Domain Names <http:///topics/domain_names>, Top-Level
> Domains <http:///topics/top_level_domains>, Web <http:///topics/web>
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