[ALAC] Liaison appointments for 2015-16

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Thanks Garth,

As I replied to Sebastien, we will discuss it tomorrow.

I note that democracy is not only about 
elections, but also about vigourously debating 
issues, deciding on rules, and then following 
them. Although nonet of the people who have 
spoken up here were actively involved in the 
drafting of the RoP, all of these issues were 
thoroughly discussed and what we have in place 
were very conscious decisions attempting to 
balance what were and are difficult issues.


At 21/09/2015 02:28 PM, gbruen at knujon.com wrote:
>I have to support Sebastien
>The four people are fully qualified and trustworthy. That's not the issue.
>Such is the life of the volunteer community in 
>that we are all completely strapped for time, as 
>ICANN activities pile-on it is difficult to 
>manage it all and find new blood for slots while 
>the bus is in motion. However, we have to find a 
>way to  keep our leadership selections 
>democratic while also retaining experts who have precious insight.
>I admit it is a conundrum.
>On 9/21/15 2:15 PM, Sébastien Bachollet wrote:
>>I am not member of ALAC.
>>My point of view is in no way link with the 
>>people – all four I trust very much and I 
>>thanks them to take the time and to be willing to do it another year.
>>I am not candidat to any of those position.
>>But I want to express my deep concern.
>>I disagree both with the process and the timing.
>>Accountability and transparency must be at the heart of ALAC (and At-Large).
>>To keep the same people again and again with no 
>>possibility for other (at least) to be 
>>candidate is not the best way to be inclusive.
>>We need to have an open process.
>>It must be a decision of the « new » ALAC 
>>seated at the end of the AGM in Dublin.
>>All the best
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>>Objet : [ALAC] Liaison appointments for 2015-16
>>Our current ALAC-appointed Liaisons are:
>>GNSO: Olivier Crepin-Leblond
>>ccNSO: Maureen Hilyard
>>SSAC: Julie Hammer
>>.mobi: Murray McKercher
>>According to ALAC RoP 18.2, "By the decision of 
>>the ALAC, a current Appointee who is willing to 
>>continue in that role may be reconfirmed 
>>instead of initiating a new selection process."
>>Following consultation with ALAC Members, I 
>>conclude that there is widespread agreement 
>>that we extend the appointment of all four Liaisons for the coming year.
>>I will be asking that the ALAC make a formal 
>>decision on this at the ALAC meeting on Tuesday.
>>If you will not be able to attend the meeting, 
>>please arrange with another ALAC member to vote 
>>on your behalf, and notify At-Large Staff of 
>>this arrangement. You may either instruct the 
>>proxy-holder how to vote, or you may allow them 
>>to vote as they wish ( http://tinyurl.com/ALAC-RoP-2013-04, Section 12.3)
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