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Here is the report that is talked about.

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Subject: [Wp4] New report on ICANN and Human Rights
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Dear WP4 members,

It's with great pleasure that I send you the the report prepared by the
CCWP-HR on ICANN’s Corporate Responsibility to respect Human Rights:
Recommendations for developing Human Rights Review Process and Reporting.

The report will be presented and discussed during our session on
Wednesday October 21 at 9:00 in Wicklow MR5 or via remote participation
[0] for which you all have been invited.

I trust this report will help further the discussion on how ICANN can
live up to its responsibility to respect human rights.

Looking forward to discuss.



PS Feel free to spread the report widely. it can also be found on the
website of the CCWP-HR: https://tinyurl.com/cchumanrights


Niels ten Oever
Head of Digital

Article 19

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