[ALAC] CONSENSUS CALL: Reconstitution of CROPP Review Team

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Fri Mar 6 17:29:40 UTC 2015

Is joining one of the "parent" groups really too onerous?

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On March 6, 2015 10:41:36 AM EST, Judith Hellerstein <judith at jhellerstein.com> wrote:
>HI Alan,
>I am not saying to put some one in a decision making role who is not
>active in 
>any committee.  I agree, I do not think this would be effective.  I am
>saying we should not have to restrict ourselves to only choosing some
>one who is 
>a member/participant of the Outreach and Finance and Budget. We may
>want to 
>choose some one who was an active member of another At Large working
>group or 
>Committee.  I think we should not restrict our choice to only those two
>committees. If some one is active on another committee RALO leaders may
>want to 
>try and convince them to become the CROPP RT or join that committee if
>we think 
>it would be a good fit for that person.  I am just seeking to get this
>chance. I 
>think this is also what Ali was also asking?  I really thought that
>this was the 
>addition was what Cheryl had put forward which is why I did not say
>anything in 
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>On 3/6/2015 10:01 AM, Alan Greenberg wrote:
>> Judith,
>> It is extremely important to get new people actively involved.
>Putting someone 
>> who is NOT actively involved an has no history in At-Large in a 
>> decision-making role is not, in my mind, the way to go. More
>> giving someone decision making responsibility related to outreach and
>> when they have shown no interest in either is not how I, as a
>> responsible manager, would choose to go.
>> Moreover, if you read the requirements carefully, the person to be
>> did not have to be a formal MEMBER of the SC, just a Participant.
>Both the 
>> FBSC and the planned O&E SC are open. All it takes to become a
>participant is 
>> to send an e-mail to Staff saying they want to be on the SC.
>> In any case, please see my next message on this subject.
>> Alan
>> At 06/03/2015 08:24 AM, Judith Hellerstein wrote:
>>> Dear Olivier,
>>> I agree with Ali. What I thought Cheryl was suggesting in Singapore
>>> the RALO can select a person to be the Cropp RT who is not currently
>>> the outreach or budget. We want to expand the pool and the best way
>>> doing this is to find people who are active contributors in one
>>> forum and get them to take on a new role. We need to find a way to
>>> energize people in the RALOs to take on new responsibilities and one
>>> of doing this is to ask people who have contributed in some other
>>> to take on a mor active role and become a cropp rt.  We ate not
>>> going to choose people who will not be good at this as in NARALO we
>>> already have had the experience of having a person who is not active
>>> any committees we want to avoid this and at the same time get new
>>> and new people interested in becoming involved and asking them to
>take a
>>> job is one way of doing this and is why I thought Cheryl had
>>> this.
>>> If we are restricted to choosing people who currently are on
>outreach or
>>> budget it really constricts us on who we can appoint and then makes
>>> choose some one who is already active and not get a way to get more
>>> people active in leadership roles. The CROPP RT role is an important
>>> but it is not so time consuming so is a good way to have a past
>>> contributor at meetings  and working groups, just not these 2
>>> specific ones, become more active
>>> These are my thoughts
>>> Judith

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