[ALAC] CONSENSUS CALL: Reconstitution of CROPP Review Team

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Fri Mar 6 15:01:20 UTC 2015


It is extremely important to get new people actively involved. 
Putting someone who is NOT actively involved an has no history in 
At-Large in a decision-making role is not, in my mind, the way to go. 
More specifically, giving someone decision making responsibility 
related to outreach and budget when they have shown no interest in 
either is not how I, as a hopefully responsible manager, would choose to go.

Moreover, if you read the requirements carefully, the person to be 
selected did not have to be a formal MEMBER of the SC, just a 
Participant. Both the FBSC and the planned O&E SC are open. All it 
takes to become a participant is to send an e-mail to Staff saying 
they want to be on the SC.

In any case, please see my next message on this subject.


At 06/03/2015 08:24 AM, Judith Hellerstein wrote:

>Dear Olivier,
>I agree with Ali. What I thought Cheryl was suggesting in Singapore 
>that the RALO can select a person to be the Cropp RT who is not 
>currently on the outreach or budget. We want to expand the pool and 
>the best way of doing this is to find people who are active 
>contributors in one other forum and get them to take on a new role. 
>We need to find a way to energize people in the RALOs to take on new 
>responsibilities and one way of doing this is to ask people who have 
>contributed in some other groups to take on a mor active role and 
>become a cropp rt.  We ate not going to choose people who will not 
>be good at this as in NARALO we already have had the experience of 
>having a person who is not active on any committees we want to avoid 
>this and at the same time get new blood and new people interested in 
>becoming involved and asking them to take a job is one way of doing 
>this and is why I thought Cheryl had suggested this.
>If we are restricted to choosing people who currently are on 
>outreach or budget it really constricts us on who we can appoint and 
>then makes us choose some one who is already active and not get a 
>way to get more people active in leadership roles. The CROPP RT role 
>is an important role but it is not so time consuming so is a good 
>way to have a past contributor at meetings  and working groups, just 
>not these 2 specific ones, become more active
>These are my thoughts

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