[ALAC] CONSENSUS CALL: Change in ALAC representation at the CWG IANA Transition F2F meeting

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Mar 5 17:12:20 UTC 2015

For a number of reasons, Fatima has chosen to not attend the meeting 
in Istanbul. As I will already be in Istanbul for the CCWG 
Accountability and have been one of the more active ALAC 
Participants, Fatima has suggested that I attend in her place.

Such a change must be a formal decision of the ALAC. However, it also 
had to be taken very quickly. Under Section 5.11 of the ALAC Rules of 
Procedure (http://tinyurl.com/ALAC-RoP-2013-04), such decisions can 
be made by the ALAC Chair, preferably in consultation with the ALT. 
Since this involved me personally, I did not feel comfortable in 
making the decision and deferred to the other members of the ALT. 
They unanimously supported taking this action.

According to Section 5.11, this decision must now be ratified by the ALAC.

Note that Fatima has not resigned from the CWG and will be 
participating in the meeting remotely. This only affects her 
in-person attendance at the meeting.

I want to personally thank Fatima for her strong support of the ALAC 
and the CWG process, and I thank both Fatima and the other ALT 
Members for their faith in me personally. I am humbled.

With this message, I am requesting a CONSENSUS CALL of the ALAC to 
ratify the decision to name Alan Greenberg as an Alternate to Fatima 
Cambronero for attendance at the CWG IANA F2F meeting in Istanbul on 
26-27 March. If you have any issue with this decision, I would 
suggest you first consult with the ALT member from your region and 
then, if neccesary, please let your feelings be known no later than 
12 March 2015.

For clarity, in a CONSENSUS CALL, you may choose to explicitly voice 
your support, but silence will be taken as agreement.


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