[ALAC] ALAC Comment on the Armenian Root Zone Label Generation Rules

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Sat Aug 29 02:43:09 UTC 2015

Following the discussion at our last ALAC meeting, I have consulted 
with Siranush and others (her power had failed so she could not 
participate in our discussion during the meeting).

Siranush strongly feels that the ALAC should not submit a statement.

So of the three Armenian ALSes:\
- one cannot or will not support the statement, because they are the 
primary author of the LGR document and also has expressed the 
position that comments should come from those directly involved and 
not the ALAC.
- one also agrees that the ALAC should not submit such a statement, 
but it should be left to the Armenian community.
- one, Narine's ALS, is the comment author.

With two of the three Armenian ALSes believing that we should not 
take this action, I am afraid we are left with no option but to not 
submit this comment. I have notified Narine of this decision.

The decision to not have the ALAC submit this comment is not a 
precedent, and since the number of ALSes with an interest in the 
Arabic LGRs is likely to be larger, and less well defined, I welcome 
thoughts on how to decide if we should submit a statement on that 
public comment.


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