[ALAC] Some thoughts on ALS Criteria & Expectations Taskforce

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+ 1 Carlton. It is the real true. 
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On Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 4:03 PM, Holly Raiche <h.raiche at internode.on.net> wrote:
I hate to say it but the tiny bit of difference we can make comes from the hard slog - meeting after meeting in WGs where decisions are made.

​Big +1.  

I have been promoting engagement in WGs for a long time because it has been clear to me that the [GNSO/ccNSO/CC] WG is the place for getting in on the ground floor and truly influencing policy.  Evan has deftly fingered the reason for this; the structural framework of the AC/SO.   Anything we do to influence chartering and encourage At-Large people situated in them will bring more to us than any other action.

Holly can bear witness from our PPSAI WG experience. Members from across the spectrum of interests truly sought our opinions and were very mindful of our positions.​

Here's the thing though.  The PPSAI - and I suspect increasingly other WG working knotty issues - increasingly show progress AFTER f2f meetings. I am not surprised.  In this instance it is a good thing Holly and I are tag teaming. Or our interests would be seriously compromised. 

A closeout.  Perhaps the most important - and most fulfilling to me - piece of work I've done in ICANN has been with the WHOIS EWG. From the perspective of the range of interests represented,  it could not be more representative of real life policy development in a multistakeholder environment. 

When you tag team with folks like Stephanie Perrin, Lanre Ajayi, Michael Niebel and Scott Hollenbeck and argue WHOIS issues f2f with, among others, Michele Neylon, Susan Kamaguchi of Facebook and Fabricio Vayra [then of] Time Warner and yes, Chris Disspain from ICANN Board and Auda, you feel objective and see impact like no other time. You took your shots. And you got yours, too. But so refreshingly clear on objective.

The best hope of effective worthwhile contributions to policy development lies in working the WGs and f2f.


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