[ALAC] Fwd: RE: Joint SO-AC-SG-C Submission on ICANN's Enhancing ICANN Accountabitliy Plan

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Thu Sep 25 13:08:39 UTC 2014

Dear ALAC members,

I am following up on my message below which included the Registry
Stakeholder Group's Statement on the topic of the "enhancing ICANN
Accountability" plan.

The ALT discussed the matter yesterday and was reminded that according
to our ALAC Rules of Procedure, the ALAC Chair would be able to make a
decision and respond to a process without an ALAC vote, asking for the
ratification vote to take place afterwards.
Historically, on occasions, we have sometimes also sent Statements to
public comment periods prior to official ratification by the ALAC
provided we knew there was consensus on the Statement.

With the Registry's Statement being considered, it was the feeling of
the ALT that the ALAC should have no objection in supporting such a
Statement, for the following reasons:

1. The Statement contains no points which are contrary to an ALAC position.
2. With the amount of time remaining (closing date Saturday 27 September
2014) the Statement is more complete that any Statement the ALAC could
draft in such a short amount of time.
3. A Joint Statement from SOs, AC and SGs is likely to have much more
impact than separate Statements from various communities. This has been
shown already in the speed of the response to the prior joint Statement
which the ALAC has signed on.
4. at a time when all lights are on ICANN, showing alignment of the
Community means we can work better and across silos - a good showcase of
the multi-stakeholder model.

I would therefore ask you all for a 24H consensus call now starting at
13:00 UTC and ending on Friday 26 September 2014 at 13:00 UTC. Should I
receive no formal objection to the ALAC supporting this Statement, I
shall proceed forward with offering the ALAC's support for the
Statement. Shortly after Friday, Staff will launch a standard
ratification vote for the support of the Statement.

If there are objections to the Statement being supported by the ALAC, I
plan to offer my individual support to it. For your comfort, please find
a copy of the proposed Statement attached again to this message.

Kindest regards,

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond
ALAC Chair

On 24/09/2014 18:02, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond wrote:
> Dear ALAC members,
> please be so kind to find the suggested joint Statement from the
> Registry Stakeholder Group. (attached as a docx and PDF)
> Feedback needed as soon as possible. The ALT will be discussing this in
> a few hours.
> Kindest regards,
> Olivier
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> Subject: 	RE: Joint SO-AC-SG-C Submission on ICANN's Enhancing ICANN
> Accountabitliy Plan
> Date: 	Wed, 24 Sep 2014 08:48:10 +0000
> From: 	Drazek, Keith <kdrazek at verisign.com>
> To: 	SO/AC/SG/C Chairs
> Hi all,
> Following up my earlier email, I’ve attached the latest draft of the
> RySG comments on the Enhancing ICANN Accountability process.
> Feel free to share these with your respective groups if you find them
> helpful.
> Please respond to this message with any updates from your respective
> groups. Are you planning to submit comments? Are you open to developing
> a joint SO-AC-SG-C leaders’ statement?
> Thanks,
> Keith
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Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD

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