[ALAC] Acceptance of my Nomination, by ALAC Member Tijani, to serve as the ALAC GNSO Liaison

Cheryl Langdon-Orr langdonorr at gmail.com
Sat Sep 13 01:50:13 UTC 2014

In response to the message sent below includes a nomination of me to serve
as the next ALAC Liaison to the GNSO Council, by Tijani;  Please note with
this email to the list as my formal acceptance of this nomination, in
accordance with the ALAC ROP's

I would also like to thank Tijani for the confidence he has shown in me
being able to follow Alan, and undertake this vital role, and should I be
confirmed/selected by the ALAC to to do so,  I promise to do my very best
to maintain the extraordinary high standard of service in this capacity
that Alan has performed over so many years...

*Cheryl Langdon-O**rr ...  *(CLO)

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Subject:        RE: [ALAC-Announce] Congratulations to Alan Greenberg - next
ALAC Chair
Date:   Sat, 13 Sep 2014 00:29:23 +0100
From:   Tijani BENJEMAA <tijani.benjemaa at topnet.tn>
Reply-To:       tijani.benjemaa at topnet.tn
To:     'Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond' <ocl at gih.com>,
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Congratulation again to Alan.

Since Alan is now the new ALAC Chair, and wouldn’t be able to continue
being the ALAC liaison to GNSO, I would like to nominate Cheryl as the
new liaison replacing Alan.

Cheryl has been for longtime our liaison to the ccNSO, and she did very
well. I don’t see a better liaison to the GNSO than her.


*Tijani BEN JEMAA*

Executive Director

Mediterranean Federation of Internet Associations (*FMAI*)

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