[ALAC] URGENT CONSENSUS CALL: IANA Stewardship CWG Face-to-Face meeting

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Fri Oct 24 18:12:21 UTC 2014

There will be a face-to-face (F2F) meeting of the IANA Stewardship 
CWG in Frankfurt on November 19-20. The meeting is open to all 
current Members and Participants of the CWG 

ICANN is funding the participation of Members. The only exception is 
that if a Member cannot attend, they will fund a current Participant 
if they are approved by the SO/AC (an "Alternate"). The ALAC also 
requires that anyone participating must be a current member of the 
IANA-issues group and mailing list. Additionally, it is crucial that 
any Alternate selected have participated in the At-Large and CWG 
meetings/calls. And obviously, the person must be able to travel to 
Germany which excludes some people who cannot obtain a visa in such a 
short time,

We must notify ICANN of the selection of any Alternate by next 
Tuesday, October 28. That does not leave very much time.

At this stage, it is likely that two of our five representatives on 
the CWG may not be able to attend.

We have two questions that must be addressed immediately (and I am 
conscious that it is already Friday evening or Saturday in much of the world).

1. Do we select an Alternate only from the same region as the regular 
Member who cannot attend? The argument against is that it puts into 
question our rationale for having 5 members to represent all ICANN 
regions. The arguments for it is that may allow us to find the best 
person to sit at the table on our behalf, it is only a temporary 
replacement, and so far there have not been a lot of regional 
differences raised.

2. Who makes the decision of who, if anyone, to send. I would suggest 
that the ALT is the only practical answer given the timing.

CONSENSUS CALL 1: Should the ALAC be able to choose any qualified 
person, regardless of region? YES or NO
CONSENSUS CALL 2: Should the ALT be empowered to select Alternates 
for this F2F meeting on behalf of the ALAC? YES or NO

ALAC Members: If you are silent, you are deemed to have answered YES 
to both questions, but it would be *FAR* better if we get actual 
answers from everyone, and preferably we should have quorum.


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