[ALAC] ALAC Mailing List Usage

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Oct 23 03:36:31 UTC 2014

We have some new people on our lists, so I thought it would be a good 
idea to outline the differences between the ALAC and ALAC-Internal 
mailing lists.

This information is extracted from the ALAC E-mail Guide that can be 
found at https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/Rules+of+Procedure.

The ALAC list includes:
- ALAC Members
- Regional leaders
- Liaisons
- At-Large Board member
- At-Large Staff
- Many former list members who choose to remain

It should be used for most ALAC  and related business. It is publicly 
archived, so all messages are visible, and may be indexed by Google 
and other search engines.

The ALAC-Internal list has a similar membership, but only those 
currently holding those positions - no ex-members. It is archived, 
but the archive is only open to current members of the list. It is 
not publicly viewable or indexed by search engines. Note that current 
members can view ALL messages, including those sent before they were members.

The Internal list should be used for social and travel-related issues 
that we do not want to distribute externally, or other messages that 
for one reason or another we do not want to make available outside of 
this group. ALS application information is a typical example. It 
should not be used without a good reason. If someone sends something 
on the Internal list, please respect that and do not re-distribute to 
other lists.


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