[ALAC] ALS certification and decertification votes

sandra hoferichter info at hoferichter.eu
Fri Oct 3 17:17:29 UTC 2014

Hi all, my thoughts on one point. I understand or self as being privileged in terms that most of us are elected by their RALOs to represent their interest. They put trust in us. Sometimes we have to take decisions such as certification and decertification. I see the point of personal relationships within a RALO - which might be challenged depending on he vote. BUT as we have a certain responsibility here I think all of us should take that burden to justify a decision personally within the region and globally as a group. This would be in my POV the most democratic approach. 

Best Sandra

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> Am 03.10.2014 um 17:52 schrieb Evan Leibovitch <evan at telly.org>:
> On 3 October 2014 11:42, Alan Greenberg <alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca> wrote:
>> You are saying that your suggestion for for 2 would be:
>> 2. We have general agreement that for certification votes where there is
>> definitive regional advice, we should have standard open votes. For cases
>> where there is not definitive regional advice, how ALAC members vote should
>> not be published.
> ​Yes, that is a clearer expression of my internt. Thanks.​
> ​- Evan​
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