[ALAC] Drafting Team to fix ALAC ALS certification process

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Sun Nov 30 22:23:07 UTC 2014

As discussed on the ALAC call last week, I am calling for a few 
volunteers to form the ALS Certification Process Drafting team to 
revise the ALS certification process as documented in 
http://tinyurl.com/ALAC-RoP-AdjDoc4-2013-07, under the section 
"Certification process for At-Large Structures (ALS)", steps 3-6.

Note that this is NOT the larger review of ALS criteria and 
expectations, but simply a process to ensure that our rules are 
practical, make sense, and are actually followed.

Members need not be current ALAC Members or RALO leadership, but 
should be very familiar with the processes currently being followed.

Please reply to this list, or directly to me copying Staff.



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