[ALAC] Co-Chair, Accountability CCWG

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Mon Nov 24 00:13:29 UTC 2014

This is update.

I do not have a definitive written answer on whether a Participant 
Co-Chair will be funded to attend any face-to-face (f2f) meetings of 
the CCWG, but I did discuss it with ICANN staff. The informal answer 
was that it would not make no sense if a co-chair, an important part 
of the CCWG, could not attend a f2f meeting.

Based on that I am comfortable in presuming that IF we appoint a 
co-chair who is not also a Member, that person will be appropriately 
funded for any CCWG f2f meeting.

Given this and the tight time-frame, I would recommend that the 
Selection Committee attempt to identify a possible co-chair for the 
ALAC to ratify. That person could be one of the Members that they 
select, or someone who is not being recommended as a Member.

Presuming that Olivier (as Selection Committee Chair) agrees with 
plan, I will ask that this be discussed and decided during the 
Tuesday ALAC meeting.


At 15/11/2014 11:17 AM, Alan Greenberg wrote:
>The Charter of the Accountability CCWG allows the ALAC to name a 
>Co-Chair. There is no rule regarding whether the Co-Chair is one of 
>the five Members that we plan to select or a non-Member Participant.
>If we select a person as Co-Chair who is not one of our formal 
>Members, there is a question whether that person would be funded to 
>travel to any face-to-face meeting (for the IANA CWG, only Members 
>have been funded). I have asked whether a non-Member Co-Chair will 
>be funded, but as yet no reply.
>My thoughts on the matter are:
>1. We definitely want have a Co-Chair select by the ALAC.
>2. We want to pick that person based on their ability to carry out 
>the job and to dedicate sufficient time to the process.
>3. If ICANN will NOT fund a participant for travel, we should 
>restrict our selection to one of the five people selected to be Members
>4. If a non-Member Co-Chair WILL be funded, Olivier's selection 
>committee should identify possible candidates (ie candidates not 
>selected as Members).
>5. From this pool, Members and other possible Chairs, some may not 
>willing to act as Co-Chair.
>6. The ALT should review the candidates and recommend the person to 
>be named Co-Chair (this is inline with other selections we have done 
>recently, the candidates would need to grant the ALT access to their 
>EoIs to be considered).
>At this point, there is nothing we can really do until the selection 
>is done and we know the situation regarding funding.
>I welcome thoughts on whether we should select a CCWG Co-Chair, and 
>if so, how do we go about doing this if different from my scenario above.
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