[ALAC] Call for Members and Participants in the ALAC Finance and Budget Subcommittee

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Mon Dec 1 02:25:53 UTC 2014

Eduardo and Glenn.

I indicated on the ALAC Call that it was my intent to Chair the FBSC 
but not be the ALAC Member from NA. That leaves the two of you. 
Please decide who will be playing that wole and let me and Staff know.

Regards, Alan

At 30/11/2014 09:11 PM, Alan Greenberg wrote:
>As discussed on the ALAC call last week, I am calling for volunteers 
>for the ALAC Finance and Budget Subcommittee (FBSC)
>There will be two Members per region:
>- One ALAC member to be selected by the region's ALAC members.
>- One Member representing the RALO. This will normally be a RALO 
>Chair, Vice-Chair (if the region has such an officer defined) or 
>Secretariat. A RALO may choose someone else to be their official 
>representative, as long as that person is both involved in the 
>selection and preparation of that regions's budget requests, and is 
>empowered to act on behalf of the region on the FBSC.
>Additional Participants are 
>It is expected that the FBSC will be meeting in the 2nd week of 
>December, so appointment should be made as soon as possible.
>The current CROPP RT which is composed partly of members of the 
>current FBSC will continue to act on behalf of the ALAC until such 
>time that it is formally reconstituted.
>Please send the names of those who are selected to sit on the FBSC 
>to staff at atlarge.icann.org.

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