[ALAC] Registrants and the transfer process

Holly Raiche h.raiche at internode.on.net
Tue Dec 17 23:01:32 UTC 2013

Hi Everyone

Where the ITRP D working group is up to is gathering scenarios where the registrant has lost their domain name.

By way of background, in the earlier working group (IRTP C), the possibility of the registrant being able to access the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy dispute mechanism.  But for this working group, allowing registrant access to the process is seen to be too hard.  But the WG agrees that there must be redress for registrants who have (wrongly) had their domain name transferred away.  

Some of the scenarios are really not - at their base - an ICANN issue. (the admin contact quits/is fired, and then cancels the name, takes it with him/her, or the web designer gets the site up and running and then doesn't give the name to the person who hired him/her.)  

But there are many scenarios that do amount to a breach of the RAA/policy.

The WG's view at this stage is to have the registrant be able to go to Compliance for enforcement of the transfer rules if the rules/policy has not been followed.

What Compliance has done for the group is forward the many situations which will be considered as a breach of the RAA/policy and for which ICANN should be able to order a transfer back of the name to the registrant.  

Does anyone have any real life scenarios that I can take to the group when it reconvenes in January so that the WG can 'road test' how various scenarios would be played out - i.e., in what circumstances the registrant, with ICANN help, can recover a name transferred away from them that should not, under ICANN rules, not have been transferred. 


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