[ALAC] Fwd: A follow-up from the ALAC and LACRALO about the Brasil Conference and 1net

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Fri Dec 6 23:52:34 UTC 2013

FYI -- after some discussion with the ALAC Leadership Team and seeing
the continuous discussion on the /1net mailing list, I have sent the
following enquiry to Adiel Akplogan, AFRINIC CEO and Fadi Chehadé, ICANN
Best regards,


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Subject: 	A follow-up from the ALAC and LACRALO about the Brasil
Conference and 1net
Date: 	Sat, 07 Dec 2013 00:50:02 +0100
From: 	Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com>
To: 	Fadi Chehade <fadi.chehade at icann.org>, "Adiel A. Akplogan"
<adiel at afrinic.net>
CC: 	David Olive <david.olive at icann.org>, Theresa Swinehart
<theresa.swinehart at icann.org>, ICANN AtLarge Staff
<staff at atlarge.icann.org>, Rodrigo de la Parra
<rodrigo.delaparra at icann.org>, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com>

ALAC Correspondence: AL-ALAC-CO-1213-1-00-EN

Dear Fadi,
Dear Adiel,

in my capacity as ALAC Chair, I am following up on the ICANN week's
announcements and progress in Buenos Aires with several requests for
clarification, prompted by the At-Large Community.

Please find attached a Statement from our Latin America & Caribbean
Regional At-Large Organisation (LACRALO) region published in Buenos
Aires on 21 November 2013 asking for several points of clarification
regarding /1net and proposing their help in developing the agenda in the

Within the past few days, it appears that the process by which the /1net
initiative is being implemented, has started with a designation of the
people that will make up several organising committees in the run-up to
the Brazil conference. Several of my colleagues are voicing concerns
that other parts of ICANN are negotiating a position on the committees
irrespective of the wider ICANN issue. I would therefore like to make
sure the participation of the At-Large Community is not overlooked at
the table and would therefore seek your advice on how to go about making
sure that this is not the case.

I remind you that the ALAC supported the Montevideo Statement and the
proposed Brazil meeting *before* the Bali IGF (See ALAC Ref:
AL-ALAC-CO-1013-02-00-EN attached to this email) so this has been on our
radar for a long time.

I look forward to your kind reply to transmit to the At-Large Community.

Kind regards,

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond
ALAC Chair

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