[ALAC] New draft on Public Interest Commitment DisputeResolution Procedure

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Wed Aug 28 11:30:30 UTC 2013

 Hi Rinalia - and everyone 
 In the ALAC meeting, did you manage to discuss the schedule for the 
BA meeting? I am hoping that we will continue with a Multi Stakeholder 
Forum - the two we have had have been really popular and successful 
(with deep congratulations to Rinalia). For BA, while I suggested that 
it would be a good time to look at EWG, it would be an even better 
time to look at the gTLD processes (or lack thereof) and - at this 
late stage - see what can still be rescued. I hope this idea was 
discussed and adopted 
 On Wed 28/08/13 5:24 PM , Rinalia Abdul Rahim 
rinalia.abdulrahim at gmail.com sent: 
 The logical guess would be because the text is being negotiated by 
 parties, Olivier. Alan may know more. 
 On Aug 28, 2013 3:47 PM, "Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond"  wrote: 
 > Dear Rinalia, 
 > thank you for flagging this and monitoring it. It is clear that if 
 > draft remains as is to become policy, it is unacceptable. I have 
 > actually touched on this in my meeting with Compliance in the Los 
 > Angeles ICANN offices in August. 
 > On 28/08/2013 03:40, Rinalia Abdul Rahim wrote: 
 > > *What is interesting:* 
 > > 1. Third parties cannot report/file PIC violation (the entity 
 > > files/reports has to demonstrate that it has been harmed). 
 > I told Compliance this was unacceptable. 
 > > 2. No mention of fees for filing violation. Also, unclear who 
will bear 
 > > the cost burden when panel is constituted to render judgement. 
 > tends 
 > > to pass on this type of cost burden to the parties. 
 > At this stage, nobody could give me an answer on this. 
 > > 3. Burden is on the violation filer/"reporter" to make a thorough 
 > > complete filing of objection and to make itself available for a 
 > > "conference" or consultation. If filings are incomplete or the 
 > > doesn't show for the conference, case is dropped. 
 > I told Compliance this was unacceptable. 
 > > 4. Reporter can be designated as "Repeat Offender" based on track 
 > > which can be counted against it in future case filings and 
 > I told Compliance that they had no legal basis to be able to do 
this. It 
 > is outside their mandate to "ban" someone from a system since the 
 > parties they can "ban" are parties they have a contract with. 
 > If they do restrict use of the tools with Acceptable Use Policies 
 > will need to demonstrate that these tools do no restrict the ICANN 
 > Public Interest mission. 
 > The ALAC filed a Statement about this in April 2013: 
 > https://community.icann.org/x/pJlwAg [2] 
 > Clearly, the current draft does not appear to have taken the ICANN 
 > Statement in account. Oje cannot fault the ICANN Staff summary of 
 > comments which was, it appears, well executed: 
 > So how did things remain as they were circulated by ICANN Staff to 
 > Registries? 
 > Kind regards, 
 > Olivier 
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