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Wed Aug 28 11:25:43 UTC 2013

 Hi Everyone 
 Sorry about the anonymous bit. And sorry for the mix up - but glad 
that - belatedly - there is something people can comment on that will 
be an ALAC position. And please do comment. What I did was a bit of a 
rush job - just to get something in place as a starting position. What 
is there is largely the notes I made after a very long discussion 
Carlton, Evan, Garth, Rinalia and I had rather late in the Durban 
meeting. I'm not sure I will have time to do further work (I am 
supposed to be on holidays) so any help - that includes Garth - will 
be really welcome. 
 And I am sorry to have missed the ALAC call. I was on the road, 
travelling to stay with very old friends. 
 And a question to everyone. A lot of the discussion on the list does 
involve GNSO policy processes. Both Alan and I are on the GNSO WG on 
Policy and Implementation - in which some of the issues being raised 
on the list could be raised in the WG. Rinalia's statement is a 
perfect example of that. 
 So please - any ideas on GNSO policy ought to be aired. The Charter 
of that WG (I chaired the drafting team for the charter) is wide 
enough so that many of the issues raised on this list could be raised 
in discussion in that WG. 
 On Wed 28/08/13 4:47 AM , Carlton Samuels carlton.samuels at gmail.com 
 ...and so she has, as Anonymous! My apologies to Holly.....she was on 
the job within hours of our last communique and I didn't update 
 Carlton A Samuels 
 Mobile: 876-818-1799 
 Strategy, Planning, Governance, Assessment border-left:1px #ccc 
solid;padding-left:1ex">  Hello all, 
 I don't understand both of your enquiries/concerns. Holly has already 
put a first draft on the WIKI. 
 https://community.icann.org/x/Xz5-Ag [1] 
 Kind regards, 
 On 27/08/2013 20:04, Carlton Samuels wrote: 
    Hi Rinalia: Yes, I had already indicated on the Ex-Com call I 
would recuse myself from active involvement in the response but would 
be willing to provide background, as necessary, to the person holding 
the pen. We said then that per the interactions on the list, it looks 
like Holly will lead.   
  Since then I've had communication with her and advised that Alan 
might be a good collaborator, seeing he's voiced something akin to 
having 'significant' concerns. She mentioned she'd be on vacation for 
a few days, hence I think the delayed response.   
 Carlton A Samuels 
 Mobile: 876-818-1799 [2] 
 Strategy, Planning, Governance, Assessment border-left:1px #ccc 
	Hi, Holly and Carlton.  
	At the ALAC meeting on 27 August, the following action item was 
	At-Large Large Regulatory Issues  
	Carlton Samuels [3] is to ensure that the Regulatory Issues Working 
Group that will prepare a response to the Expert Working Group that 
addresses the promise of its development but also places it in context 
of the current status of WHOIS.   
	Garth raised the issue that it would be a conflict of interest for 
Carlton to do this. So the question is who would pick up the ball. 
Holly might be in a good position to do so and Garth has also 
volunteered to help. I am passing the message.  
	Best regards,  
	-- Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD http://www.gih.com/ocl.html [4]    
[1] https://community.icann.org/x/Xz5-Ag 
[2] http://webmail-old.internode.on.net/tel:876-818-1799 
[3] https://community.icann.org/display/%7Ecarlton.samuels 
[4] http://www.gih.com/ocl.html 

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