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>Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:13:34 -0700
>Subject: [council] Initiation of IGO/INGO Protection PDP
>GNSO Council,
>As you recall from the 17 October 2012 Toronto meeting, the Council 
>adopted the motion to initiate a PDP to be completed in an expedited 
>manner on the Protections of Certain International Organization 
>Names in all gTLDs (see 20121017-2 
>The GNSO Council decided at this meeting that a group of volunteers 
>should be convened quickly to draft the charter for the IGO-INGO 
>Protection PDP Working Group, which will likely include the members 
>from the IOC/RCRC Drafting Team.  The first meeting of the IGO-INGO 
>Protection Charter Drafting Team is scheduled to occur on 31 October 
>2012 at 18:00 UTC.  Calendar notices and request for volunteers will 
>be sent out shortly.
>To expedite initiation of the PDP, Staff developed the attached 
>first drafts of the IGO-INGO Protection WG Charter and proposed work 
>plan.  The draft Charter proposes that the future WG create two 
>sub-groups (A & B) to address the different scope and timelines for 
>addressing the issues of special protections for the IOC/RCRC names 
>and IGO/INGO names separately.  We'd like to request your particular 
>attention be given to the Mission & Scope, Objectives & Goals, and 
>Deliverables & Timeframes sections of the Charter.
>The draft proposed work plan is also provided to understand key 
>milestones of the PDP efforts and external events planned through 
>the first quarter of 2013.  Please note that this is a working 
>draft.  Staff is checking internally on the expert opinion issue, 
>and we'd like to propose updating this work plan once we receive 
>confirmation that we can obtain the expert opinion.
>Because the IOC/RCRC DT members will likely participate in the 
>IGO-INGO PDP, Staff suggests that the current IOC/RCRC DT be 
>suspended.  It is expected that the remaining IOC/RCRC DT efforts, 
>after the close of the public comment period, will be addressed by 
>sub-group A of the PDP WG mentioned above.
>We look forward to meeting with members of the Drafting Team next 
>week.  In the meantime, Staff would like to hear the Council's view 
>about this go-forward plan and will incorporate any feedback that 
>the Council has.
>Supporting Staff:  Brian Peck, Margie Milam, Berry Cobb
>Thank you.
>ICANN Policy Team
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