[ALAC] ELECTION SUMMARY: ALAC Liaisons to serve from October 2012 to ICANN AGM 2013

Edmon Chung edmon at isoc.hk
Mon Oct 15 22:05:47 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the nomination and am honored to continue to serve as the ALAC IDN Liaison.
There are still a number of challenges for IDN ahead, but I am encouraged to see that our recent advice regarding the prioritization of IDN gTLD applications have been heard.

As we move forward, besides thanking the many who have helped with the IDN WG, would like to especially express my appreciation for Rinalia's great help with the process.  So I look forward to another year of fruitful work and relaying the progress (or non-progress :-P) from the various IDN related projects ongoing at ICANN.


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Subject: [ALAC] ELECTION SUMMARY: ALAC Liaisons to serve from October 2012 to ICANN AGM 2013

Dear All,

According to Rule 4 of the ALAC Internal Rules of Procedure

Liaisons to ICANN's Advisory Committees, Supporting Organizations and Constituencies can be established by approval of the Committee; in that case, they will follow the rules established for the appointment and functioning of the GNSO Liaison.

The stage of nominations having been undertaken, it is now time to discuss those nominations.

The following is a list of the current positions: 

·         GNSO liaison -- Currently held by Alan Greenberg

·         ccNSO -- Currently held by Cheryl Langdon-Orr

·         SSAC -- Currently held by Julie Hammer

·         IDN Policy -- Currently held by Edmon Chung

·         NCSG -- Currently held by Evan Leibovitch

The DotMobi Liaison position is remaining vacant pending clarification
from DotMobi.   

All nominations are published on the relevant WIKI page:

The following nominations have been received:

GNSO Liaison   Alan Greenberg
Nominated/seconded by: 

  * Eduardo Diaz (Nom)
  * Carlton Samuels
  * Sala Tamanikaiwaimaro
  * Rinalia Abdul Rahim
  * Tijani Ben Jemaa
  * Yaovi Atohoun

ccNSO Liaison:   Cheryl Langdon-Orr
Nominated/seconded by: 

  * Sala Tamanikaiwaimaro (Nom)
  * Rinalia Abdul Rahim (Nom)
  * Eduardo Diaz (Nom)
  * Carlton Samuels
  * Tijani Ben Jemaa
  * Yaovi Atohoun

SSAC Liaison: Julie Hammer
Nominated/seconded by:

  * Tijani Ben Jemaa (Nom)
  * Sandra Hoferichter
  * Vanda Scartezini
  * Yaovi Atohoun
  * Sala Tamanikaiwaimaro

IDN Policy Liaison: Edmon Chung
Nominated/seconded by:

  * Rinalia Abdul Rahim (Nom)
  * Tijani Ben Jemaa
  * Sandra Hoferichter
  * Yaovi Atohoun

NCSG Liaison: Evan Leibovitch
Nominated/seconded by:

  * Tijani Ben Jemaa (Nom)
  * Sandra Hoferichter (Nom)
  * Yaovi Atohoun

*2012-2103 ALAC Liaison Selection Schedule: *

  * 4 October 2012 - Call for Expressions of Interest  (to be sent to
  * 10 October 2012 -  Deadline for Liaison Nominations (to be sent to
  * 15 October 2012 - Chair to post to the public ALAC list an "election
    summary" message (sent to lists).
  * 15-18 October 2012 - Nominations are discussed.
  * 19 October 2012 - Deadline for Nominees to Accept their Nomination
    (sent to lists and or as notified and recorded on the relevant
    Election Pages of the At-Large Wiki.)
  * 22-26 October 2012 - Selection of ALAC Liaisons -- if elections are
    required, they will be held 22-26 October 2012. Where only one
    nomination is received for any Liaison position, the nominee will be
    confirmed in that role on 19 October 2012
  * 26 October 2012 - Selection/Election Results announced and any
    unconfirmed Liaisons begin in their roles.



*Relevant Rules from the ALAC Rules of Procedure: *




4.1 Liaisons to ICANN's Advisory Committees, Supporting Organizations and Constituencies can be established by approval of the Committee; in

that case, they will follow the rules established for the appointment and functioning of the GNSO Liaison


4.2 **Refers to *The Board Liaison*, and is therefore not relevant here, and will be redacted from the revised ALAC ROPs*


4.3 The election can take place by electronic mail, online balloting, written balloting, or any other means deemed convenient and accurate


4.4 All liaisons serve for a term of one year starting from the closure of an Annual General Meeting and ending at the closure of the following

Annual General Meeting.


4.5 Liaisons shall be freely chosen by the ALAC, according to the following criteria:


4.6 They shall normally be persons who are current or former members of the ALAC, or are anyway familiar with the activities and functioning of

ICANN and of the ALAC;


4.7 They shall accept to serve on behalf of the At-Large Community by acting for the good of the entire Committee, working to bridge

differences and build consensus, but also recognizing difference and enabling different opinions to be shared;


4.8 They shall accept, while acting in their capacity as an ALAC representative, to put the collective views of the ALAC, always, in front of their own.




5.1 There is no requirement for a Liaison to be a member of the At-Large Advisory Committee;*


5.2 A conflict of interest statement must be filed;


5.3 A person may not serve two different liaison positions at the same time;


5.4 All liaisons can be removed before the end of their term by a vote of recall according to rule 11;


5.5 All liaisons have a duty of performing their roles with diligence and loyalty to the Committee, and are bound to meet the minimum

participation requirements set forth in Rule 21. In case of failure to do so, the Chair shall call a vote of recall.


The mission and responsibilities of each Liaison of the ALAC are:


5.6 To participate diligently in the meetings and activities of the body he/she is liaison to;


5.7 To communicate and advocate the positions of the ALAC to such body;


5.8 To report to the ALAC the current and upcoming activities of the body he/she is liaison to, as far as this is possible under the timing

and confidentiality constraints of such *body;*


5.9 When this is possible under such constraints, ask to the ALAC for advance instructions on matters that are going to be discussed by such body.




6.1 All liaisons have the same rights of access to information, mailing lists and documents *as the ordinary ALAC members.*


*PLEASE NOTE:* With the exception of the ALAC ByLaw-mandated liaisons to the GNSO and the ccNSO, there is no assured travel finding for ALAC Liaisons to attend

ICANN Meetings unless they are serving ALAC members. Therefore, assurances that they can still perform their role will be required.


*The 2012-2013 ALAC Liaison Election - Schedule and Nominees Workspace:*


This workspace is available at https://community.icann.org/x/lZEoAg.

It includes the following additional important information:


·         Qualification criteria for liaisons;


·         Privileges of liaisons;


·         Election procedures, including specific procedures for the
ALAC liaison to the SSAC;


·         A table listing who has been nominated for the various liaison


Kind regards,


Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond

ALAC Chair

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