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I agree with you that the proposal of the ICANN Consolidated Meetings has
too many inconveniences. I do think that we should respond to that with a
constructive input. The most important disadvantage is the unfair regional
distribution of the meetings. Let's think about the right way to react. I
will come back to this issue later. 

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This issue will hit some aspiring developing countries hard and affect
diversity.  I think the ALAC needs to respond to this. It is difficult to
argue against the facilities requirement with an increasingly growing ICANN
meeting size, but the least that they should do is continuously and
progressively identify newly emerging sites in developing countries that
meet the criteria so that the pool of potential sites grows in support of

I look forward to hear the opinion of others, especially on the regional
rotation proposal contained in the document (ie., for the period between
2014-2016 first meeting of the year in 2 cities in Asia Pacific, second
meeting in 2 cities in Europe and third meeting rotated among other

Best regards,

Rinalia Abdul Rahim

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ICANN News Alert



ICANN Consolidated Meetings Strategy Proposal

2 October 2012

Comment Period Opens on 2 October 2012


        * Policy Processes
        * Transparency/Accountability
        * Reviews/Improvements
        * Participation
        * Events/Conferences
        * Operations/Finances

Purpose (Brief):

The ICANN meeting operations department is submitting for public comment a
proposal on a Consolidated Meetings Strategy for ICANN Public Meetings. The
purpose of this document is to advise the ICANN community of the issues
surrounding the current process for selecting ICANN Public Meeting
locations, and to propose an alternate method of doing so.

Public Comment Box Link:



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