[ALAC] Protection of International Olympic Committee (IOC) / Red Cross Names (RCRC) Drafting Team - Recommendations

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Tue Oct 2 02:15:16 UTC 2012

The IOC/RC Drafting Team has put their recommendations out for Public 
Comment. The initial comment period ends on October 20th (the 
Saturday immediately after the Toronto ICANN meeting) and the reply 
period on November 9th.


The ALAC, with some reluctance, supported the statement at its 25 
September meeting. The summary of the ALAC position is included 
within the report.

We could let that statement speak for itself, or add further thoughts 
in the official comment process. Certainly it is an opportunity for 
those who felt the compromise position should be rejected (likely 
resulting in the GNSO making no recommendation and leaving it to the 
Board to decide the outcome as it implied in its recent motion) to 
publicly voice their position.


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