[ALAC] ALAC Endorsement of ATRT2 Candidates

Rinalia Abdul Rahim rinalia.abdulrahim at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 09:21:57 UTC 2012

Hello, ALAC.

Wonderful to see such enthusiasm!  :)

Let me clarify a few things.

*1. The ALAC does not nominate candidates to the ATRT2, we are asked to
endorse candidates from a list that will be revealed by the ATRT2 staff.*

- The ATRT2 process does not allow for the ALAC to nominate candidates
directly.  Rather, interested candidates have to apply to the ATRT2 by
submitting the required information to rtcandidatures at icann.org by
Wednesday, 5 December 2012 – 23:59 UTC.  The ALAC is requested to endorse
relevant candidates from the official list of candidates, which will be
revealed after the application deadline.

- Note: If the ALAC Chair or any other interested candidate were to fail to
apply by the specified deadline or fail to submit the requisite set of
information, he/she will not be on the candidate list for the ALAC to
review and endorse. * So the key message here is that interested candidates
must make sure they complete the application process by the specified

2. The importance of endorsing multiple candidates and a proper endorsement

- It is indeed in the ALAC's interest to endorse as many *qualified *candidates
as possible from the yet to be revealed ALAC candidate list, particularly
when the maximum number of ALAC candidates who will be selected to the
ATRT2 is unknown beyond one.

- Given the uncertainty regarding a maximum number, we have to proceed with
the working assumption that we will review everyone on the ALAC candidate
list and that we will rank them according to a preferred order based on how
suitable they are against the set of criteria that has been specified by
the ATRT2 requirement.  *This order of preference helps the Chairs of the
ICANN Board and the GAC in making their decision, particularly when the
slots accorded to the ALAC are limited.*  It is rational to expect that the
slots will be limited.  It is also rational to expect that the Chairs of
the ICANN Board and the GAC will select candidates from the ALAC endorsed
list based on *BOTH qualification AND ALAC's preference order.  *If this
were not the case, we would not be asked to waste our time in indicating
our preferred endorsed candidates.

- In generating this preferred order of candidates, we need to be fair to
ALL the applicants who apply.  It is reasonable to expect that there will
be other candidates applying as an ALAC candidate, who may choose not to
pre-announce their application to the ALAC for various reasons.  It is not
for us to speculate the reasons or judge why.  Given that the applicants
are not required to declare that they are applying, we should NOT be
discouraging them by pre-empting a proper endorsement process or by
creating an expectation that their application and qualifications will not
be reviewed objectively.

Let's rise to the challenge and let us be fair to the members of our

Best regards,


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