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Dear Rinalia:
The criteria seems better than sufficient.  However, I should imagine that
some criteria are more equal than others.  Subject to agreement, might I
suggest a ranked order and/or weighted order criteria list.


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On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 8:17 PM, Rinalia Abdul Rahim <
rinalia.abdulrahim at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Members of the ALAC,
> I have been asked to take on the task of managing the ALAC Candidate
> Endorsement Process for the ICANN Accountability and Transparency Review
> Team 2 (ATRT2).  I am triggering this process now in my capacity as Interim
> Chair of the ALAC ATRT2 Candidate Endorsement Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee in
> accordance with the decision of the ALAC meeting on 27 November 2012.
> *Scope of Work*
> The selection of ALAC candidates to the ATRT2 will be done by the ICANN
> Board Chair and the GAC Chair.  The responsibility of the ALAC ATRT2
> Candidate Endorsement Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee is to review the list of
> candidates who have applied as representing the ALAC, assess their
> suitability for the work of the ATRT2, and rank the ones whom we believe to
> qualify in a preferred order - this is referred to as the endorsement
> process, which informs the selection by the ICANN Board Chair and the GAC
> Chair.  The endorsement process requires an assessment of candidates based
> on the set of criteria specified in the ATRT2 Call for Volunteers as well
> as additional criteria specific to the ALAC.  It is known that a minimum of
> one ALAC candidate will be selected to the ATRT2 and it is expected that
> more candidates will be selected though the exact number has not been
> revealed.  Given this uncertainty, and there may not be any certainty until
> the actual selection is made by the Chairs of the ICANN Board and the GAC,
> we will proceed by reviewing and ranking all the ALAC applicants from the
> list that the ATRT2 Staff will provide.
> The following are immediate issues for the ALAC's attention:
> *1. The **ALAC ATRT2 Candidate Endorsement Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee Call for
> Members
> *- The ALAC Chair will issue a call for membership for this ad-hoc
> sub-committee, which will include information regarding composition,
> qualification and selection criteria.
> - It is proposed that the sub-committee be small for manageability (given
> the tight deadlines) and regionally balanced.
> - Note:  The Chair of the Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee will not count in the
> regional balance and will not assess the candidates, but rather focus on
> facilitating the process.  The deadline for the sub-committee formation is
> 10 Dec 2012.
> *2. Candidate Assessment and Endorsement Tool (Matrix)*
> - A matrix as a tool to help the sub-committee assess the candidates has
> been developed and posted for ALAC comments here:  At-Large ATRT2 ALAC
> Endorsement Process Workspace <https://community.icann.org/x/A4lEAg>.
> - The matrix incorporates the set of criteria specified by the ATRT2 Call
> for Volunteers as well as two additional criteria specific to the ALAC
> (i.e., accountability to the ALAC and trust of the ALAC). The deadline for
> ALAC comments on the matrix is 10 Dec 2012.  I urge you to be as concrete
> and as constructive as possible in your comments and I particularly welcome
> concrete suggestions on the proxy indicators in the matrix for
> consideration by the sub-committee.
> - Note: The development of the matrix as well as the overall endorsement
> process draw from past experiences and involved consultations with previous
> coordinators of the process.
> *3. **ALAC Chair's Candidacy to the ATRT2*
> - The ALAC Chair has announced that he is applying for the ATRT2.  A
> decision is needed as to whether the ALAC Chair should be endorsed as the
> primary (first preference) candidate to the ATRT2 by ALAC consensus.  *The
> ALAC is requested to provide feedback on this matter a.s.a.p.** and the
> ALAC Vice Chairs are requested to manage the call for consensus if deemed
> necessary.
> *- Note:  If the ALAC Chair is endorsed by consensus, he will be exempt
> from assessment by the sub-committee and will be able to participate in the
> sub-committee as an observer.
> *4. Confidentiality Policy *
> - The confidentiality policy for the Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee is that the
> assessment
> information will only be shared among the sub-committee members for the
> purpose of making the endorsement decision and no record will be kept after
> the decision has been announced.
> - Due to the need for confidentiality, the wiki workspace will be
> restricted to members of the sub-committee and staff after 11.59pm UTC 10
> December 2012 UTC.  The workspace is currently open for ALAC comments on
> the matrix until then.
> *5. Limits of Information in Decision Announcement*
> - The decision announcement will reveal only the names and preferred order
> of the endorsed candidates.
> *
> Timeline for the Endorsement Process
> *Please note that these deadlines have had input from the ATRT2 staff as
> well as the At-Large staff.  Due to time constraints, these deadlines will
> be held as inflexible.*
> *
> 27 Nov 2012
> Tabling of Key Decision Points to the ALAC
> 05 Dec 2012
> Deadline for submission of Application and Statement of Interest by
> candidates to the ATRT2 staff
> 10 Dec 2012
> Deadline for ALAC comments on candidate assessment matrix
> 10 Dec 2012
> Deadline for Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee formation
> 11-15 Dec 2012
> Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee discussion and agreement on matrix proxy indicators
> 12 Dec 2012
> Deadline for receiving list of ALAC candidates from ATRT2 Staff
> 20 Dec 2012
> Deadline for Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee members to submit individual assessment
> 21 Dec 2012
> Staff aggregates and circulates results to Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee members
> 03 Jan 2012
> Ad-Hoc Sub Committee Meeting to review results and decide on candidate
> preference ranking
> 04 Jan 2013
> Announcement and submission of ALAC endorsement decision to the ATRT2 Staff
> 07 Jan 2013
> ATRT2 candidate selection by ICANN Board Chair and GAC Chair
> This is not at all an easy task, but I look forward to working with you in
> identifying the best possible ALAC candidates to the ATRT2.
> Best regards,
> Rinalia
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