[ALAC] ALAC Input into policy discussions?

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Mon Nov 19 08:41:40 UTC 2012

Dear Holly,

thank you for your concern. Please be so kind to look at the ALAC Policy
Development page which will give you a broader overview of the status of
ALAC statements.
It shows no statement on IRTP-C. The initial comment period closed on 12
November 2012.
As for the IRTP-D - this public comment has just started and the initial
comment period closes indeed on 14 Dec. I'll be asking Alan Greenberg,
our GNSO Liaison if it would be helpful that the ALAC drafts a statement
on this. You are of course very welcome to also let us know if IRTP-D
warrants a comment.
Kind regards,


On 19/11/2012 00:50, Holly Raiche wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> I was looking through the issues that are open for comment on the ICANN website.  While there is an ALAC response on the strategic plan and Alan is looking at the Expired Registration Recovery Period, I don't see (on the ALAC work space) that anyone is doing anything on either the IRPT Part C (due 3 Dec) or IRTP Part D (due 14 Dec).  Has a decision been made that we are not commenting, or is someone doing work on either or both.   Given that we have commented on Part B, maybe we should be following up on Parts C and C. (and yes, I'd be happy to have a look and draft something)
> Thanks
> HOlly
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