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Can we have this on the Agenda?
- Carlton

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Subject: [Soac-infoalert] Update on 2012 Upcoming Public Comments List
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Dear Community Leaders,

Following the process (attached) that is now in place since June 2011
(based on the implementation of ATRT recommendation 21), it is time for me
to ask for your input for an update on the 2012 Upcoming Public Comments
list that is published at:


We are seeking your input about topics that you think will be opened for
Public Comment in in the rest of the 2012.
If your groups are planning on originating a public comment period on any
topic that is not on the list or it is in the list but the entry needs an
update, please let us know.

Maintenance of this list helps raising early awareness about the issues
among the ICANN community.

Please send your updates to me until 18 May 2012.
For your convenience, I am also attaching a template for the submissions
you would like to make.

Following the process, after receiving your input, we will update the list
for 2012 and make another call for updates after June meeting in Prague.

Kind regards,
Filiz Yilmaz
Sr Dir Participation and Engagement

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