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A forwarded message, in preparation of Costa Rica meeting.
Possible controversy regarding this subject, with a question about
universal acceptance of .XXX
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Sujet: 	[soac-discussion] Universal Acceptance of Domains - 14 March
Discussion Scheduled at the ICANN Meeting in Costa Rica
Date : 	Mon, 27 Feb 2012 11:02:03 -0800
De : 	David Olive <david.olive at icann.org>
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To Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees Leadership:

Universal Acceptance of Domains is an ongoing effort within ICANN dedicated
to raising awareness of issues relating to ensuring that all domain names
work correctly in software on the Internet. ICANN initiated the project when
issues were first identified relating to the earlier rounds of adding new
gTLDs. For example, some software and web sites have made the assumption
that top-level domains were always either 2 or 3 characters long, which is
problematic for a number of newer TLDs. More attention has been given to
these issues with the adoption of IDN top-level domains, and with the
expectation that many more ASCII and IDN gTLDs will be added to the DNS in
the near future.

In order to best assure successful adoption of these various new domains,
and that software is implemented correctly to cater for all available
domains, collaboration is needed between software developers and vendors,
network administrators and others.

ICANN is conducting outreach within the ICANN community to develop a plan to
best improve awareness of these issues. A working group meeting on this
topic is scheduled to take place during the ICANN meeting in Costa Rica on
Wednesday, 14 March 2012. This will serve as a good opportunity for all
involved to share their experiences and suggestions. These suggestions will
feed into ICANN's future work in this area. *We hope that representatives*
*from various Advisory Committees and constituencies can attend this
*session and provide us with their valuable feedback.*

Please direct your questions or comments on this topic to Nadia Sokolova
<nadia.sokolova at icann.org <mailto:nadia.sokolova at icann.org>>. Nadia is
working in the DNS root zone management
area in IANA department and manages this project.

David A. Olive
Vice President, Policy Development Support
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
1101 New York Avenue, NW - Suite 930 
Washington, D.C.    20005
Office: 202.570.7126      Mobile:  202.341.3611

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